Mazatlan: Miravalles water treatment plant will come into operation this year


Due to delays in payments by the State Government, the civil works will conclude in two months

Mazatlan, Sinaloa – The northern area of ​​Mazatlan is already waiting for the Miravalles water treatment plant to come into operation, this new hydraulic system will generate 1,500 liters per second in two modules and will come to support the water treatment plant Los Horcones that has been supplying the entire city through the distribution tanks; once it has been in operation, it will be three months that they will have to pass to stabilize their process.

The works supervision manager of the Municipal Board of Drinking Water and Sewerage of Mazatlan (JUMAPAM), Víctor Manuel Rodríguez Osuna, mentioned that there will be 12 kilometers of water rolled towards the new plant, coming from the diverter of Siqueros and Picachos dam.

“It is 12 kilometers from the intake work, and the intake work is located in El Tecomate de Siqueros, which is the sump where all the water will be pumped to purify it here; the pumping station is already almost entirely, we are with the hydrostatic test nothing else, to corroborate that the line does not have any type of leak, “he explained.

He also detailed how the process of water from the new plant will be towards the storage tanks that Mazatlán has in some of the stations, emphasizing that the northern zone will be the most benefited and in this way the Los Horcones plant will decrease its production and avoid saturating the lines by pressure.

“The water treatment plant is 95 percent civil work, has two process modules that have flocculation, sedimentation, filters, a residence tank of clear water, and from there the water is directed by the same aqueduct to feed the tanks of Mazatlán, like the 5000 tank in Flores Magón, then a new tank through Pradera Dorada 6, from there it feeds the tank of Valles del Ejido, from that tank it continues the aqueduct and feeds the Pacific tank that is there by Cerritos and from there it ends in tanks that are being built also by Cerritos, “said Victor Manuel Rodriguez.

Although the work has a considerable progress, the supervisor of JUMAPAM said that there was slowness due to the management of resources that the State Government made for its execution, noting that most of the resources are state-owned, and the rest is a resource federal, but assured that it will be ready in this year, and in 2020 Mazatlan will have better distribution of the vital liquid for the colonies.

“This work is solved by the Government of the State, and for a cause imputable to them it has not been possible the termination in economic aspect; By the end of December and beginning of January, it would become operational, “said JUMAPAM’s supervisor of works.

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