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Mazatlan: The arrival of tourists to the Isla de la Piedra is slow rebound expected

Between Thursday and Sunday, the paradisiacal place registers an approximate arrival of 300 tourists daily

Mazatlan, Sin.- Only 20% has increased the arrival of tourists to the beaches of the Isla de la Piedra in this holiday season ; noted César Lizárraga, partner of the boatmen union.

After the start of the summer, he said, restaurateurs and workers of the wheel are waiting with open arms for hundreds of visitors, who at this time of year come to Mazatlan and who do not miss the opportunity to go to the areas of bathers of the ejido.

Unfortunately, he said, the influx of tourism has not been all good, so they expect it to be composed in the coming days.

There has not been good demand as we had thought, we are still waiting this week to see if there is a bit of a spike, that we have had, but not like the one we want César Lizárraga

The few visitors that come to the island, he said, do it on weekends, mainly from Thursday to Sunday, after having settled in Mazatlan’s lodging centers.

Part of the tourists, he said, are of regional origin, from municipalities such as Culiacán or Los Mochis, as well as states such as Chihuahua, Coahuila, Durango and Mexico City.

For the boatmen of the island, the arrival of tourists has not been all good.

César Lizárraga mentioned that for every day, from Thursday to Sunday, an average of 300 visitors arrive at the Isla de la Piedra, which are housed in the port.

To cross the navigation channel, he said, tourism makes use of the transfer service that makes the union of boatmen, whose cost is 35 pesos round trip.

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