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Mazatlan: Jumapam works have saturated traffic in the Golden Zone

The commander of Transit in Mazatlan mentioned that it was proposed that the works were made during the night, however, it was denied and the road chaos has been presented for two weeks

Mazatlan, Sinaloa. – Despite the road chaos that has been generated, the replacement of pipes in the Golden Zone was urgent and had to be done, said the Mayor of Mazatlan, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres.

This has been happening for two weeks, while the tourist face of Mazatlan has had constant movement of tourists and workers who work in the area.

“It was a very urgent and necessary work to provide drainage and water to that part of the city, it was urgent to do it, remember that we had many problems with water, then we knew that traffic would be problematic, but we could not postpone those works , JUMAPAM is the one who is working there, “he said.

For its part, the Municipal Transit commander, Francisco Guerra Martínez, regretted that the area in which Jumapan works does not have alternate ways to avoid inconvenience to tourists and locals, however, orders must be executed drainage and water, and to be rotating every two hours to traffic elements at the point of traffic congestion in Zona Dorada.

“We went back to the normal sense Playa Gaviotas Avenue, because those who came from north to south is where we were congested, and because the work has unfortunately been done for what is potable water, improvements have to be made and unfortunately we are in a city that does not have alternate routes, and we hope that by the middle of this or the next one those works will be carried out, “he said.

Unofficially it was said that municipal workers were asked to work during the night, to avoid the inconvenience, but they opposed it.

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