Public lighting, paving and Jumapam, the most reported in Mazatlan


Women in the city use the 072 most to report anomalies and damage to the colonies

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The Directorate of Citizen Services in the City receives approximately 100 calls per day, the reports have been constant since the beginning of the new municipal administration, mainly to report Public Services, said the owner of the area, Martín Martínez.

“Until this date has always been public lighting since we started the last administration until now, street lighting is the area that has more demand, then follows what is Urban Toilet, Parks and Gardens, Jumapam and Public Works.”

“Sometimes we receive up to a hundred reports a day, the days vary, and most of them are 70 as public lighting, women are the ones who call us the most because they regularly worry the most,” she said.

-What colonies have had more demand in these areas?

“Colonia Centro and La Juarez, what are the largest colonies, and what they most demand is street lighting, paving and Jumapam reports,” explained Martín Martínez.

He added that the use of the Mazatlan App, has helped the reports to be addressed more immediately, however, said that each address of the City is responsible for dealing with reports and not just Citizen Services.

“The App we do not handle it, at the direction of the president, each address must be held responsible for the reports that reach each address,” he said.

Source: reaccion informativa

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