Mazatlan hoteliers to respect rates for vacationers


David Gonzales Torrentera said that the City Council, Capta and Profeco work in coordination to prevent the various sectors from abusing tourists

Mazatlan, Sin.- In this holiday period the City of Mazatlan in coordination with the different municipal offices work so that tourists who arrive at the port enjoy their stay and are not victims of abuse in terms of the prices of the various sectors of the city , especially in the hotel sector, said David Gonzales Torrentera.

The Secretary of Economic Development, Tourism, and Fisheries in Mazatlan said that since last Easter, he has been holding constant meetings with the members of the hotel associations, in order to raise awareness and avoid price increases in hotel room reservations. , in such a way that there is a good disposition on the part of the sector to offer fair rates and to give a good service to the vacationers.

“There is very good conscience on the part of the hoteliers, that is not an issue that is going to affect Mazatlan, it is guaranteed that it will be filled in this holiday season, we are working very hard to improve the services we give to tourism, with the town hall and with the different areas of us to achieve a good season. “

The official said that the Tourist Care and Protection Center, together with the Federal Consumer Protection Agency, carry out operations to detect if there is any irregularity or alteration in the prices of the various hotels in the city, as well as in restaurants, and due to that take the corresponding measures to adjust to those who abuse visitors.

Source: linea directa

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