Are you interested in a franchise? You can now buy Cinnabon in Mexico for 7,500 pesos


The goal of the strategy of the brand and Play Business is to raise 26 million pesos and to open 11 new branches in Mexico

The Mexican collective investment platform Play Business announced that the investment round for Cinnabon , the desserts and cinnamon rolls franchise, is now available to raise 26 million pesos. With this capital, 11 new branches will be opened in Mexico, eight of them in Mexico City and three in Guadalajara; Investors will obtain an estimated gross yield between 19% and 29% per annum. 

Under the model of crowdfunding for franchises, created by Play Business and marketed in partnership with Feher & Feher , Cinnabon will seek to expand its presence in the country. Today it has 1500 branches, distributed in 60 countries; however, it seeks to strengthen its expansion in Aztec land, where the franchise is relatively new, although it already has 30 years of history. 

“The minimum investment ticket will be $ 7,500, to be paid in three months. We are facing a brand located in the bakery line, an industry that generates 460 thousand direct jobs and has a market size of 120 billion pesos. It is a branch that has very good acceptance among investors because they know that sales are constant and positive, “said Ciro Mosqueira, Marketing Director of Play Business.

In the words of Julio Beleki, CEO of Cinnabon in Mexico, “the brand participates in franchise crowdfunding because it is the opportunity to achieve significant growth in our country through the participation of hundreds of investors; we want to share our success with all the fans of our brand. ” With its new units, Cinnabon will create 100 direct and 300 indirect jobs.

Source: entrepreneur mx

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