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Sinaloa: Pesca Azteca and Estrella de Mar join efforts to protect 380 thousand Golf Turtle Eggs

By Janeth Bañuelos

  • The Tortuguero Sanctuary of Estrella de Mar is one of the main drivers of the care of the species, thanks to its constant conservation work.
  • In 21 years of joint work, more than 3 million eggs have been protected.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa. The attractive beach of the Estrella de Mar tourist complex, each year witnesses one of the most wonderful phenomena of nature: the spawning of the Olive Ridley Turtle. This event occurs with the first rains of the year and is replicated up to three times in the same season. As of the month of July, each female places between 100 and 200 eggs on the beach of Estrella de Mar

Pesca Azteca – a leading fishing company in the tuna industry – as part of its commitment to caring for the environment has become the main driver of the preservation of this species in conjunction with Estrella de Mar -complejo hotel- whose Sanctuary Tortuguero performs work of conservation since 1998 with the objective of protecting and safeguarding the sea turtle within its natural habitat. In 21 years of work, 3,276,136 eggs have been protected.

However, the increase in temperature and sea level (among other signs of climate change), affect the patterns of distribution, feeding, reproduction and migration of this and many other species. Under such circumstances, solutions are sought to reduce temperatures and thus avoid embryo mortality. Therefore, in the Tortuguero Sanctuary since 2006 the nests are protected under shady places to avoid overheating and death of the eggs.

In the world, there are 7 species of sea turtles, the smallest is called Golfina, which has a longevity ranging from 45 to 50 years, are omnivorous and spend 100% of their time in the water, the only time they leave they do it to spawn.

During 21 seasons, conservation works have been generated and provide the necessary care and continuous protection that allows sea turtles to lay up to 380,000 eggs per season. These results position the Tortuguero Sanctuary as the most important in terms of the number of protected eggs and number of offspring sent to the sea in the state of Sinaloa and the northwest of the country.

This year, the complex expects to reach an attendance of 5500 people with the aim of promoting among the community, the care and preservation of the species during the hot days of July and August; as well as, the importance of worrying about the environment with actions that allow society to become friendly with the ecosystem.

About Estrella de Mar

Located 9 kilometers north of the Mazatlan International Airport, this resort has an area of ​​364 hectares facing the sea and more than 5.5 kilometers of isolated beaches. The resort houses the Las Villas Hotel with Spa and Beauty Salon, and the spectacular championship golf course designed by Robert Trent Jones Jr., and the only John Jacobs Golf Academy and School in Latin America. Founded in 1998, the main goal of the Estrella del Mar Turtle Sanctuary is to protect and conserve the Olive Ridley sea turtle within its natural environment.Visit www.estrellademar.com and follow us at FB Turtle Sanctuary by Estrella del Mar

About Pesca Azteca

With 35 years of experience, Pesca Azteca is a leading fishing company in the tuna industry with the largest fleet in Latin America. With exports to the European market and the best quality and sustainability practices, it fulfills its vision of feeding Mexico and the world as the leading fishing and tuna marketing company, inspired by the best human talent effort. Pesca Azteca bases its business strategies on its mission to be at the forefront of tuna fishing, using the latest technology, qualified personnel and the most competitive costs in the industry with a focus on sustainability and operational excellence. Pesca Azteca sustains its Social Responsibility strategy, generating concrete benefits for Mexican society and the environment,

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