Neighbors of Cerro de la Nevería have been without water for weeks


Mazatlan, Sinaloa. – Not a drop of water comes out of the key, says Esperanza Ríos, who has her home in calle Compañía, in the Cerro de la Nevería. 

There is despair and impotence of the neighbors due to the lack of liquid, which they have suffered for months and which has worsened in recent weeks.

“There is water but they do not know how to distribute it,” said the president of the colony, Mónica Sandoval. He explained that on Wednesday they went to the City Council to demand water. They were attended by the manager of the Jumapam, Ismael Tiznado Ontiveros, and he promised to give an immediate response.

On Thursday, the official went to an address in La Pedregosa. When he opened the valve, water fell, so he took video and uploaded it to the nets. “He says that we lie, that there is water,” the leader explained. In a tour of the hill, in the streets of March 21, Canizales and Company, the neighbors repeated again and again that they had no water.

The inhabitants demand from the authority the exit of the manager, “who does not solve the water problem and also says that the neighbors lie.”

The neighbors take care of every drop of liquid they have in tambos. They ask the authority for an immediate solution. Photo: Víctor Hugo Olivas

Esperanza Ríos highlighted that she has been living in the Cerro de la Nevería for almost 75 years and this year is when they have suffered the most. Under the pressure of Mónica Sandoval, the Board sent a water pipe.

However, they consider that this is just “an improvement” against the problem suffered by the families that live in this area, among which there are foreigners affected. They fear that the lack of water will worsen with the 11 developments of towers that are being carried out in the area.


Jesús Angélica Rodríguez and Fidelia de la Rosa emphasized that the absence of water is recurrent, “but what arrives very punctually is the receipt, with the full amount”.

However, the authority does not solve this service, which is essential in homes.

This season is when more water is needed, both for bathing and general cleanliness. The president of the colony calls on the municipal president to intervene. They want an immediate solution.

They fear that with so many towers in the area of ​​the hill, the shortage of water will be accentuated in the coming months. Photo: Víctor Hugo Olivas

They consider that Mazatlan has enough liquid, “it is only a question that they learn to distribute it”. If today there is no response, they will reappear in the municipal palace. 

The lack of water at this time of the year can cause health problems, said Sandoval. 
That the general manager of the paramunicipal comply, and if not, “that resigns,” says the president, petition to which the neighbors add.

Water for all homes. We want to open the key and get the vital liquid out, says Esperanza Ríos.

Source: el debate

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