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We’re going to Tijuana !, North Sinaloa opens new routes

Baldenebro-North Sinaloa Transport Group, also inaugurated a new power plant in Los Mochis and 10 2020 model buses

Los Mochis, Sin.- Under the slogan ¡Vamos al Tijuana !, this Friday, July 5, the new bullfights of the Baldenebro-Norte Group of Sinaloa began, this from Culiacán, Guamúchil, Guasave, and Los Mochis, towards San Luis Río Colorado, Mexicali, Tijuana, and Rosarito.

In addition, GTB-Norte de Sinaloa, which recently invested in 10 model buses in 2020 to fulfill a first-class service to its new destinations, also inaugurated a new plant in Los Mochis, located by Guillermo Prieto y Bienestar.

It was Rubén Baldenebro Lara, president of the board of directors of GTB Autobuses-Norte de Sinaloa, who described the new project as a dream come true, for the benefit of users.

“We are in this celebration of a dream that we had to arrive because, at this point, do not believe that it has been easy, I believe that this dream that we are carrying out today, is in order to give our user audience, what really he deserves, “he said.

For its part, the partner Ariel Alfonso Baldenebro, welcomed those present, while highlighting the new service offered to hundreds of users of the Norte de Sinaloa line, which also includes packages to their new destinations.

“GTB Autobuses, which by its acronym means, Grupo Carrista Baldenebro, is the son of our founding company: Autotransportes del Norte de Sinaloa, for this reason, our two companies, this day are celebrating, to achieve one more link in our range of services, “he said.

It was announced that by promotion until July 10, both the departures from Culiacán, Guamúchil, Guasave and Los Mochis, will cost equally 900 pesos to any new destination: San Luis Rios Colorado, Mexicali, Tijuana and Rosarito, with special rates of 800 pesos to students, minors and bearers of the Insen credential.

Culiacán’s departure times are from 12 noon and 2:30 in the afternoon, from Guamúchil at 2:00 p.m. and 4:30 p.m., while from Guasave departures are scheduled at 3:30 p.m. in the afternoon and Los Mochis from 4:30 and 7 in the afternoon.

In more of the event, Baldenebro Romero recalled the beginnings of the company, which Don Arturo Baldenebro Corrales founded in 1936 leading a group of enthusiastic men who “entered” him to solve the transport problem of that time towards Los Mochis.

It began in the so-called tropical trams from the community of La Aceituna, Sinaloa de Leyva to the city of Los Mochis.

It is worth mentioning that the event was attended by the Governor of Sinaloa, Quirino Ordaz, the financial coordinator of the northern area of ​​the economy secretariat, Mirna Olivia López, as well as representatives of the municipal governments of Ahome, Guasave and Sinaloa de Leyva, along with partners who accompanied them in the presidium.

Finally, it was detailed that more than 150 million pesos have been invested in recent years, especially in the acquisition of 36 new buses, mini touring van, parcel vehicles, new communication technologies and construction of power stations in Guamúchil and Los Mochis. , with the generation of hundreds of direct jobs.

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