Mazatlan public bus routes Alarcón, Urías and San Joaquín will now reach Cerritos

It is a pilot program for these routes “Sábalo”, which will charge 8.50 in nearby areas, 9 pesos at long distances, 9.50 units with air conditioning and 10 pesos up to Cerritos

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- As a demonstration of a pilot program by the Alliance of Urban and Suburban Trucks of Mazatlan, the routes Alarcón Sábalo, Urías Sábalo and San Joaquín Sábalo will now reach the Cerritos area, informed the Secretary of the Organization of the Alliance of Trucks, Ivan Tirado.

These routes currently ended between the Pueblo Bonito Hotel and the abandoned El Faro Hotel, but now with this modification they will arrive at Playa Brujas as of today, explained the Alianza executives.

And although it is a pilot program, this measure paints to remain in an established manner, as has happened with all road increases in Mazatlan, mainly with the creation of new subdivisions.

The prices that will be charged as of today will be of 8.50 pesos to nearby areas, 9 pesos to long distances, 9.50 pesos for units with air conditioning and 10 pesos for those who go to the Cerritos area.

Source: quepasamazatlanenlinea

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