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AMLO government goes against the Paris Agreement

The AMLO government has recently launched two projects that contradict the Paris Agreement

In 2016, several countries signed an agreement with the United Nations to start to decrease their greenhouse gas emissions by 2020. With less than six months to go before the Paris Agreement comes into effect, the Mexican government has yet to announce the strategy it will implement to join the global crusade against climate change.

For centuries, the industries have devastated natural resources and excessively polluted the environment. The planet resented this and sent alarming signs. The most important and notorious sign was the melting of glaciers as a result of global warming and greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide, emitted through the use of fossil fuels in the industry and means of transport.

Moreover, Mexico is the twelfth country that produced the most greenhouse gases. The actions implemented by the country could be crucial to maintain the increase in the overall temperature under 2°C.

The Mexican government vowed to lower greenhouse gas emissions by 22% and pollutants by 40% in 2030, produced mainly by incomplete combustion of petroleum products. Nevertheless, the federal government has recently launched two projects that contradict the Paris Agreement: the construction of an oil refinery in Dos Bocas, Tabasco, and a thermoelectric plant in Huesca, Morelos.

Experts told EL UNIVERSAL that there is a disengagement between the official policies and the global trend of moving towards clean energies

If there is someone who still denies climate change, they should know that yesterday, the European Union revealed that June was the hottest month in the history of Europe.

It is important to remember that there are energy sources that will become extinct one day, probably sooner than we think, but there will be others that will exist while the planet does. For example, solar energy does not require the installation of equipment that damages the environment, this is a free and clean resource.

Mexico should not contribute to climate change and it should collaborate to create strategies to merge environmental protection and the development of new energies. It is necessary to follow the right path.

Source: el universal

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