Sinaloa and the US Consulate work together to withdraw the travel alert


HERMOSILLO, Sonora.- The Secretary of Tourism Óscar Pérez Barros; Secretary of Security Lt. Colonel Cristóbal Castañeda and the coordinator of International Relations of the Government of Sinaloa, Sergio Orozco, held a convincing meeting with the Consul General of the United States Elia Tello.

There they exposed the positive advances that Sinaloa has achieved, thanks to the efforts made by the State Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel.

Likewise, they presented the strategies that Secretariats and Government have applied to position the entity in the international arena.

During the work table, the Consul and her team expressed their confidence to continue working hard and in coordination with the Government of Sinaloa to withdraw the alert that exists towards some municipalities.

In his speech, Pérez Barros released the statistics from January to April have been in the State, highlighting that in that time 1.28 million tourists arrived, increasing their arrival by 13.4 percent more than in 2018; Likewise, the mix of tourist influx was in the order of 88 percent national and 12 percent international, of which 71% was in Mazatlan; 19 more in Culiacán and the remaining 11 percent in Los Mochis. In that same period, the average occupation was on the order of 58 percent.

As for tourist cruises, until June 25, 67 of them had arrived, with more than 189 thousand passengers and an economic income in the order of 13.5 million dollars.

With respect to air connectivity, until April there were 651,347 passengers arriving in Sinaloa, 9.44% more than in 2018; the airport with the most passengers was Culiacán with 60%, Mazatlán with 31% and Los Mochis with 9%. Of the total, 393,980 arrived in Culiacán; 198,564 to Mazatlán and 58,958 to Los Mochis.

The meeting was also attended by Anthony Clarke, head of the consular area; Daniel Vargas, Head of Security; Ezequiel Grimes, deputy of the Security Area and Alfonso Gil Díaz, Director of Special Projects of the Sectur.

Source: pmxportal

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