If Central Americans come to Baja looking for work, Mexicans will have priority says, Governor


The Governor of Baja California Sur indicated that he will accept the arrival of Central Americans, however, in matters of employment, priority will be given to Mexicans

La Paz, Baja California Sur (BCS ). Given the possibility of Central American migrants arriving to work in Baja California Sur, the governor of the State, Carlos Mendoza Davis, said that the entity will accept those who arrive legally, however, he warned that Mexicans will be given priority for hiring.

“In Baja California Sur we say yes to migration, he stressed, legal, as long as we also have the possibility of attending to Mexicans first,” he said in a radio interview. 

In this regard, the South Californian president reiterated that the entity has always welcomed tourists and those who come from other places, Mexicans who come to lend their strength and feel like Baja Californians. 

” Baja California Sur, as I have been commenting, has been a state that would not have been explained without the migration of nationals, Mexican brothers who have come here to lend their strength and to feel Baja Californians […] In that position, Baja California Sur It has always been a welcome state, welcome for tourists but also welcome for those arriving from other places, “he added. 

Regarding the arrival of the Central American migrants, the Chief Executive of the State assured that this should be done in a legal manner, so the Federal Government would have to establish some kind of registry of those arriving through the southern border. 

“In Baja California Sur we say yes to legal migration, people have to come by legal means, the Federal Government has to find a way for those who are entering the southern border to have a record of who they are and where they are going and what is what they are going to do “, commented Mendoza Davis .

This would allow locating those who violate the rules, he explained at the time of ensuring that the recruitment of migrants will always be given first to Mexicans, so that the southern border can not be opened and an idea that can hardly be fulfilled in the North, in this case in the South Californian territory. 

“Personally I say, we should decide to help the Mexicans first, and I do not say anything, they say it in Article 54 of the Federal Labor Law that mandates that employers will be obliged to prefer Mexican workers in equal circumstances. do not be. 

“Then we must be careful in how migration is promoted, we can not open the borders wide in the south and find ourselves with a reality in the north and sell on the road a possibility and a reality that we will hardly be able to meet” , He said.

Finally, he assured that the human rights of Central Americans arriving in Baja California Sur will be respected , however, he acknowledged that there are several problems in the entity that still have to be faced. 

“You have to be very careful, you have to respect human rights, they are people, they are Latin American brothers and sisters, but here there are many problems that we face”, concluded Mendoza Davis. 

Source: Panorama Informativo, bcsnoticias

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