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The Best guide for Mexicans is the political Constitution and not a Moral Authority

During the Forum “Religious Freedom, respect for the secular State”, which was held in the State Congress, the academic pointed out that it is in the Magna Carta where the ways to solve the country’s problems must be sought

The best guide for Mexicans is the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States and not the “moral authority,” constitutionalist Miguel Carbonell Sánchez, of the UNAM Legal Research Institute, said. “If you want a developed country, look at that document. the project of a nation, an unfinished project, under construction, do not try to go by shortcuts, or try to sell a deep lie, “he said.

Carbonell said: “It seems a government that wins an election, oversteps by now saying ‘I am the State and the Nation and that is why I am going to dispose of all our properties’, which is not fair for those who did not vote for that government

A vote does not legitimize the assault on public goods, he said. “It does not legitimize that what belongs to everyone today turns into a few that would be the result of both concessions to religious creeds in radioelectric spaces and the incorporation of religious contents in a public school. ”

Speaker at the Forum “Religious Freedom, respect for the secular State”, which was held at the State Congress, questioned: “Can you imagine the criminal groups that control Tamaulipas? Can you imagine those who have kidnapped the ports of Manzanillo and Lázaro Cárdenas, why do the precursors of amphetamines enter, which are decimating the American population? Can you imagine with the Moral Primer in your hand? Can you imagine the teenage assassins many of them in Ciudad Juárez who have practically grown? on the street without any family assistance, without any support from the State? Can you imagine them reading the moral primer? “

He referred to Article 40 of the Political Constitution that speaks of the secular State and together with the property of the nation “because I think that here is the answer against this proposal of deception, the nation as the constitution understands it is not a Government, and If the nation cannot be identified as a Government, that means that the goods are available to the Government. In other words, the Government by more votes than it has taken in the nation, is not the State, if there are 30 million who voted for that Government, in a country of 122 million, it means that there are 90 million who did not vote for that option, Well many cannot do it, the nominal list is almost 90 million. “

He also highlighted the conscientious objection for religious reasons that is recognized in many democratic nations, “can a deep religious or other belief clash over a legal issue ?, the case of the doctor, being a worker of the IMSS, ISSSTE has to carry a voluntary interruption, an abortion, but this clashes with my beliefs if you are an IMSS employee, look, your pay is paid by the Mexican State and you have to carry out the abortion. “

This point is to analyze, he said, how do we resolve this struggle or collision? What has been attempted in a modern constitutional state is a conscientious objection, but that requires analysis. Since Article 1 of the Law on Religious and Worship Associations “does not allow it, it is categorical, no religious conviction can exempt the fulfillment of a legal duty”.

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