Personnel of Hotel Villas del Palmar and Police in Los Cabos run off fishermen from Public Beach


Los Cabos, BCS- With great indignation shore fishermen who gathered yesterday afternoon on the beach in front of the Villa del Palmar hotel, they had to leave the place, after elements of the tourist police, as well as municipal police, ran them under the threat of taking them detained if they continued fishing.

“Every time we want to remove more fishing areas” said the shore fishermen who were in the place, so they do not rule out summoning more than 2 thousand fishermen on the banks of the municipality to launch their lines in front of the beach of the Hotel Villa del Palmar, as a peaceful protest.

The facts were videotaped, by the same shore fishermen, where you can see hotel staff, zofemat personnel and tourist police asking to leave the beach, as they bother the tourists.

The new area where they banned shore fishing, arguing is a protected area, covers the entire beach in front of the hotel Villa del Palmar and in front of the body of water that is on the side of the hotel, so the fishermen had to retire to avoid being stopped.

“For the safety of people, tourists, and families, it is forbidden to fish on this side” argued an element of the tourist police in one of the videos that were recorded at the time, in addition to indicating that first, the reprimand and secondly is the arrest.

Source: contrapesoloscabos

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