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The map of Mexico’s prejudices: this is how Mexicans see each other according to the state

Mexico is the place of contrasts , because on the one hand we are very patriotic and we defend a coat and a sword when a foreigner messes with our culture or traditions, whether under a mockery or parody approach. Nobody can make fun of Mexicans, because there is an unwritten rule that says that only Mexicans have the right to make fun of ourselves.

From all this something “curious” arises, since Mexicans are specialists in judging us, more if it is about other states different from ours. This is how we can discriminate against other Mexicans without looking bad, on the contrary, many take it with humor, others not so much, but the interesting point is that within the country there is a perception among Mexicans that is rarely perceived outside our borders. .

In many countries they have an idea of ​​the ‘average Mexican’ that is based on advertising, television programs or what goes on the internet, but few know that there is much more than that. For that reason, today in Magnet we have created the definitive map that will help to understand how Mexicans see each other.

We know well that it is complicated to try to describe how a northern person sees people from the south, or someone from the center of the country to those who live in the Yucatan Peninsula. Yes, we know that it is an almost impossible task but someone had to do it. Therefore we try to capture the general opinions of several Mexicans located in different regions of the country, which helped us to know a distinctive feature of other states and their people.

The only generalized opinion we got is that ‘the Chilangos’ (those who live in Mexico City) are unbearable and nobody wants them, period. From there, details of Mexicans ‘mochos’ (extremely religious) began to emerge in areas of the center such as Morelia and Querétaro, as well as the cradle of mariachi and epic drunkenness in Jalisco. As well as the northern states, where the perception is that they either sell and sow drugs, or they are rich and ‘elbow’ (they do not like to spend money), or they are lovers of band music and ‘trocas’ (large trucks) ).

This without leaving aside the areas dominated by the narco or those invaded by insecurity such as the State of Mexico, to which many refer to the affectionate nickname of ‘Establo de México’. Come on, Mexico has incredible diversity but the real key is in its people, who give that touch to a certain fun point that those who live outside the country can not perceive.

Source: magnet.xataka

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