I spent 321 pesos on Shake Shack, was it worth it? Are they ‘chido’?


The American hamburger chain Shake Shack opened its first branch in Mexico on Thursday with extensive ranks, mariachi rhythm and an ‘uncomfortable’ guest: Burger King.

The store announced that the opening would be at 12:00 hours; however, they began to service at approximately 12:20. The wait was enlivened by a mariachi with classics such as ‘El Son de La Negra’, ‘El Mariachi Loco’ and ‘Cielito Lindo’.

The first ones who arrived received prizes: glasses, t-shirts, bags, and bandanas for the ‘lomitos’.

The line at the time of opening was about 500 people with a waiting time of two hours, according to the staff of the chain. You could see adults, young people, foreigners, children (few) and dogs because the store is pet-friendly.

Watching the people, thinking about the taste of hamburgers and cursing the heat helped to cope with the long wait when suddenly a shout of mockery came: ” strength, friends, we’re almost there!” Said a cheerful pedestrian.

While people waited, the Shake Shack staff came out to ‘rescue’ the heat, with a tray of water glasses for those waiting in line. That’s what they were when the ‘uncomfortable’ guest burst in, Burger King. Employees of the chain gave away refreshment.

Where did the ‘infiltrators’ of the Burger King come from? “We are from an agency, they hired us,” said one of them.

Shake Shack counterattacked and spiced the water it offered: lemon.

And Burger King, of course, responded by handing out and putting crowns and giving coupons.

And he gave us the 1. After 13 hours the music of Mariachi was ‘turned off’ and the electronic music arrived and a division of the row and black umbrellas announced that it was close to the ‘goal’.

And they gave us 2. Almost at the entrance of the place came a new shout to wake up: “They’re here!”

And yes, when entering the euphoric employees contrasted with their state of mind to those who arrived at the store melted by the heat. Luckily at that point, the ranks advanced fast.

After ordering you get a device that vibrates when your order is ready, as in the shopping centers. The wait was about 20 minutes, which are little compared to the 2 hours of row. And nothing with the time spent by the brothers who camped from the previous night (real story).

And they gave us 3. Now the good came: try the food.

The burger is small and the bread looks more like a bun than a traditional burger, but it tastes great. Do not be fooled by those who say that something good and filling should be ‘stuck’.

The flesh, oh, the meat! It is very juicy. Really delicious this part of the hamburger.

The meat is 100 percent Angus, and it comes from the United States just like the bread.

And the milkshakes of horchata, one of the star products of the brand in Mexico, go well with its flavor (although it is something sweet). If I had to define its flavor with an expression it would be: “Ufff!”

Prices? The malted 94 pesos, the hamburger of the house, ‘Shack Burger’, costs simple 98, and double 148 (obviously I bought the double). The potatoes with cheese 79.

Some ingredients that the chain uses are Mexican. For example, for the chocolate milkshake, they use the ingredient of a Mexican SME, La Rifa, and the strawberries from this flavor come from special vegetable gardens in Santa Rosa de Lima, which Toks, their partner to operate in Mexico, helped them contact.

Important fact: There is chela “beer”. I repeat, there’s chela!

In the bar, on the side of the boxes, there are beer dispensers on tap. There is the house ‘ShackMeisterAle’, (75, 109 and 275 pesos), Harry Polanco Red Ale (98, 137 and 348) and the season (79, 115 and 279). They also have Grupo Modelo brands.

Verdict (insert mystery music here): I do not go back to form two hours to eat a hamburger, but it was worth the wait and the 321 pesos spent today for the experience and the flavors.

The word that defines its products is Authentic. That is, the taste of hamburgers, potatoes or milkshakes is not like other chains in the sector.

Source: el financiero

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