Mexican Mayra González, CEO of Nissan in Mexico, goes to Japan as global directive


Nissan Mexicana announced on Thursday that Mayra González will leave the direction of the Japanese automaker in Mexico, to assume the general direction of the global sales of Nissan Motors in Japan.

“We thank Mayra for her three years as head of the team in Mexico and we will be attentive to her contribution in her new role with the global sales organization,” José Valls, president and director of Nissan North America, said in a statement.

The change in the address in the signature within Mexico will be effective as of July 1.

For his part, José Román, current corporate vice president of Global Datsun Business Unit, will be named president and CEO of Nissan Mexicana. 

Mayra represents the spirit of diversity established in the management of talent in this company. She is the first woman to lead a Nissan operation globally, as well as the youngest to hold this position in the company’s history.

During her tenure at the head of the company, she has managed to establish a record in the industry with 401,055 units sold in 2016, the highest volume of sales recorded in the history of the automotive industry in Mexico, with a market share of 25 percent.

“Success is in the understanding of the other. Let’s be reciprocal with society (support for children with cancer, reforestation, volunteering for animals) and boost talent without gender. One example is our parenting policy, which is the opportunity for schemes of up to six months for women who have children so that they can focus on this important part of their lives. Being responsible is not fought with adrenaline and emotion. The new Leaf is the proof of the conjugation of emotion and respect for the environment that we represent. The commitment and commitment of the brand to the future is to have a mobility with zero emissions and zero accidents “, Mayra González told us in an interview for the May edition.

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