In Mazatlan, cruise ship tourism leaves little profit to the Aurigas: Says union


Between five and ten percent, it is the economic spill that is theirs, according to the Union of Aurigas in the port

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- For Jorge Luis Lizárraga Silva, General Secretary of the Syndicate of Aurigas of Mazatlan, cruise tourism leaves a very slight percentage, especially this type of transport.

He pointed out that those who benefit most from this type of tourism are the same agencies, followed by taxis, safaris, pneumonia and, finally, charioteers.

He also commented that this type of tourism does not leave much to the sector because it does not spend the night in the port.

“The percentage that we manage is very slight, it will be two or three percent, of the total that goes up to the transport; regularly the tourism that arrives in cruise, already comes hired by the tourist agencies, they take most of it, “he said.

Lizárraga Silva noted that the passage increases between five and ten percent when visitors walk through the Center or the Golden Zone.

Source: reaccion informativa

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