National Guard of Mexico already works as a ‘wall’ for the USA


The operations with the National Guard to prevent the passage of migrants to the US are not limited to the southern border, because in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, the military prevented several people from crossing the Rio Grande to reach the northern neighbor.

In images released by the AFP agency, it is observed how elements of the National Guard prevent a group of women accompanied by girls from heading north, something common before the agreements reached between Mexico and the US where the Trump government set a deadline of 45 days for the administration of President López Obrador to stop the massive flow of migrants crossing Mexican territory.

Typically, the purpose of migrant caravans was to cross the northern border to, once detained by the US Border Patrol, seek asylum.

Francisco Garduño, the new commissioner of the National Institute of Migration, told El Universal that by June 500,000 migrant are calculated. “If we allow this, this year will be one million, and if we do not intervene, in five years there will be almost 6 million.”

Source: ap, el universal

The Mazatlan Post