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Gay market, the key to sales in Mexico

Last year, the purchasing power of 8.1 million people in the LGBTI + community reached 60 million dollars in the country

Respect for diversity and tolerance in Mexico has not only shown the progress of the country in terms of human rights but has become a business opportunity for companies of goods and services.

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According to LGBT Capital data, in Mexico, there are more than 8.1 million members of this community and their purchasing power reached 60 million dollars at the end of last year.

An analysis of SAP indicates that the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, intersexual and other collectives represent a very attractive niche market to create specific services and products for them.

In the last decade, the report points out, consumers in the LGBTI + segment have shown that they spend more than others, in principle because many of them form couples in which there is a double income, in addition to the fact that many do not have children, a characteristic that defines as Dink (Dual income, no kids) and that impacts on spending and savings.

In terms of consumption, the members of this community are characterized by more aspirational tastes, which is reflected in their purchases with 40 percent more focused on premium products compared to the rest of consumers, according to Nielsen.

“The pink market segment is growing and is highly profitable worldwide, which has not been capitalized by national entrepreneurs and investors because there is insufficient information on the socioeconomic profile of this segment in Mexico,” says the SAP report. , business management software design company

The LGBTI + community is differentiating itself in the online shopping sector, since it consumes up to 11 percent more through internet platforms than other segments of the population, he added.

Likewise, the SAP consultancy indicates that these consumers are more responsible since they tend to be informed about a purchase in 39 percent more of the times than the rest of the consumers online.

Study of Media and Device Consumption among Mexican Internet Users of IAB Mexico indicates that seven out of every 10 members of the LGBTI + community have made online purchases and that the trend will increase.


“We are facing a unique moment in which diverse groups represent a segment of the market that is not only at the forefront of consumption in important categories, which represents a very valuable insight for business to focus their strategies towards this niche while strengthening inclusion from their labor policies “, concludes SAP’s analysis.


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