Home Travel Visiting Patzcuaro Michoacán will be one of your mandatory trips of 2019

Visiting Patzcuaro Michoacán will be one of your mandatory trips of 2019

Patzcuaro is on its way to being the most beautiful Magical Town “Pueblo Magico” in Mexico

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The Magical Towns in Mexico are places where the cultural heritage of the different Mexican regions is conserved. In them, history, oral tradition, and customs are manifested. The idea behind this title is to preserve the regional culture as intact as possible. Maybe that’s why there are currently 121 magical towns in all the states of the country. Eight of them are in Michoacán.

Patzcuaro was the first magical town in the state of Michoacán. It is located south of the lake, in the heart of the state. Having this title, this town has no tall buildings and retains the original culture of the town. In fact, about 10% of the population speaks Purépecha, the indigenous language of the region. And if in itself it is a beautiful place, the remodeling works that began in 2016 will conclude next year. This means that after a lot of investment in infrastructure this destination will be perfect and it will be one of the places to see in 2019. Recently his mayor said: “We will have one of the most beautiful villages in the whole country”

Painting Joy

In mid-August, Patzcuaro began with the Pintando Alegría program. This project seeks to recover the picturesque image of the magical town and consists of homogenizing the facades of the houses and buildings. It also seeks to regulate the business signs so that they do not become visual pollution and combine with the facades. After the project ends, Patzcuaro seeks to become the most beautiful and visited magical town in Mexico.

The village

Patzcuaro is built on one of the most important pre-Columbian civilizations in the country. In antiquity, it was a center of great religious and ceremonial relevance for the Purépechas. Over time, this region inherited a series of pre-Hispanic customs that are preserved to this day. Its history is such that in 2012 it was declared a Magical Town in 2002 thanks to its roots and the great number of legends that circulate among its inhabitants.

For this reason, the tourist, gastronomic and artistic offer is enormous. Its inhabitants are known for creating handicrafts made of wood and wrought iron, as well as pottery and textiles. The gastronomic scene is also unmissable since it shows the prehispanic methods and ingredients. One of the best dishes are the Tarascan tamales, made with fresh fish from the lake .

This site is also one of the most sought after destinations to admire the offerings during the Day of the Dead celebration. Although it is a temporary occasion, the town is filled with cempasúchil flowers. The most impressive thing is to go to the shore of the lake to see the offerings that are mounted on canoes and sail towards the island of Janitzio.

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