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Equal marriage fails in Sinaloa; deputies reject it

After strong discussion in the plenary session of the different parliamentary fractions, they obtained 18 votes in favor and 20 against the proposed reform of the Family Code.

With 18 votes in favor and 20 against, the ruling that proposed reforming two articles of the Family Code that would lead to the legalization of equal marriages was rejected in Sinaloa, and the Court’s ruling that it considered unconstitutional and violation of human rights those paragraphs.

The majority fraction Morena did not manage that all its deputies will vote in favor of the opinion despite the call made by the party six of them were not with the opinion.

Before submitting to the vote, the parliamentary factions led a strong discussion, first the chairperson of the Equality, Gender and Family Commission, Francisca Abelló Jordá, spoke on behalf of Morena and criticized discrimination based on sexual orientation.

He asked his companions to make history in the recognition of rights, to leave out homophobia of all kinds; religious, political, gender, intrafamiliar and sexual preference and vote in favor of the opinion approved by the United Commissions on Equity, Gender and Family, Constitutional Points and Human Rights.

Morena’s parliamentary group is in favor of equal marriage if two beings love each other because they impose forms under the cover of false morality, “he said.

While, the PRI deputy, Elva Margarita Valenzuela fixed the position of her parliamentary group against the initiative because, she explained that they can not forget that the natural family is really the base of society and because the reforms the Family Code takes Implicit and hidden way to legalize the adoption of girls and boys.

He said that the best solution is a different figure for civil legalization between people of the same sex and that they grant them all rights as social security and housing, but do not accept for any reason that the concept of marriage understood between the union between a Man and a woman and they attack the family.

“We strongly reject the reforms that they intend to make to the Family Code in its articles 40 and 165, which are considered an important institution for society as is the family that seeks to allow same-sex marriage,” he said.

He said that in the PRI the issue of equal marriage is not part of his plan of action or statutes, nor in the legislative agenda and also the president of Mexico Andrés Manuel López Obrador has never spoken in favor of these unions and on the contrary He has called for good Christians.

While, the coordinator of the PAN caucus, Jorge Iván Villalobos Seáñez, said that in the albiazul they defend the superior good of the family, so they disapprove that the union of people of the same sex is done with the word marriage that was formed with the primitive end of the permanence of the human being.

He considered that article four of the federal Constitution should be reformed and not a local secondary law so that the rights are granted to all people.

“It is not a matter of homophobia, nor of discrimination, it is a matter of transcendence to perpetuity. In National action in favor of life, of the girls, boys and young people of Sinaloa, we are in favor of the Sinaloan family, “he said.

For his part, Edgar Augusto González Zatarain representative of the PRD regretted that the same deputies provoke confrontation on the issue of equal marriages and deny rights to minorities.

He commented that the lack of tolerance leads to discrimination when it must give way to an open society where all fit.

“We despojemos flag and stop confronting, to cause a clash in the Sinaloan society is then that we proceed with responsibility not politicize that issue, convened.

Finally, the vote was as follows:


From the PRI

Gloria Himelda Félix Nieblas, Sergio Jacobo Gutiérrez, Mónica López Hernández, Elva Margarita Inzunza Valenzuela, Jesús Armando Ramírez, Guadalupe Iribe Gascón. Faustino Hernández Álvarez, Ana Cecilia Moreno Romero.

From the PT

Eleno Flores Gámez and Mario Rafael González Sánchez

Of Morena:

Mariana de Jesús Rojo Sánchez, Apolinar García Carrera, Jesús Palestino Carrera, Rosa Inés López Castro, Fernando Mascareño Duarte and Flora Isela Miranda Leal.

From the PAS:

Angelica Díaz Quiñónez

From the PAN:

Jorge Iván Villalobos Seánez and Roxana Rubio Valdez

Deputy without party

José Manuel Valenzuela López

In favor

Of Morena:

Marco César Almaral

Graciela Domínguez Nava

Flower Emilia Guerra Mena

Cecilia Covarrubias González

María Victoria Sánchez Peña

José Antonio Crespo López

Yeraldine Bonilla Valverde

Florentino Vizcarra Flores

Beatriz Adriana Zárate Valenzuela

Horacio Lora Oliva

Marco Antonio Zazueta

Pedro Alonso Villegas Lobo

Alma Rosa Garzón Aguilar

Juan Ramón Torres Navarro

Francisca Abelló Jordá

Gildardo Leyva Ortega

José Rosario López Romero

From the PRD Édgar Augusto González Zatarain

A total of 38 deputies attended the session and were absent:

Ocadio García Espinoza and the legislator without party Karla Montero Alatorre, who presented justification for Health issue.

Source: linea directa

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