Mazatlan Secretary of Health warns not to eat raw seafood


They recommend to the population to cook the fish and shellfish to kill the bacteria and parasites

Mazatlan, Sinaloa .- Consuming raw fish and seafood represents a high risk to health, said the director of the Health Center, José Manuel Santiago Ávila.

The coordinator of the health centers in the southern region also recommended the population to avoid consuming these raw foods.

It does not kill bacteria

The lemon juice does not kill the bacteria, nor the parasites nor viruses that can be in the fish and some seafood.

The recommendation is to cook them to kill any bacteria or microorganism, the doctor added. Failure to do so puts your health at risk. It can occur from a simple diarrhea or other gastrointestinal conditions, which in some cases could be fatal.


When the temperature rises, also the risks to the health grows, since the foods decompose with greater facility.

Hence the insistence to the public to avoid eating on the street, but to do so, at least look for a place where you have hygiene and keep the food of high temperatures. They should also verify that whoever cooks does not handle the money. 

He added that hygiene prevents a number of diseases and therefore it is important that at home, before preparing food, wash their hands, fruits, and vegetables, in addition to cooking food a few minutes before consuming them.

If you do so hours in advance, the food should be kept refrigerated and the containers kept covered.


The director of the Health Center explained that in the daily practice, respiratory tract infections are still predominant.

This is due to the sudden changes in temperature that affect people of all ages, but it predominates in children and the elderly

Diarrhea and gastrointestinal ills begin to break out. The cases that have been treated are mild, and it has been necessary to refer patients to the hospital. But they ask the parents if their children get sick, hydrate them and take them to the nearest unit to be evaluated by a doctor. 

He added that until now they have not treated patients due to heatstroke or heat stroke.

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