Warning of decommission and confiscation of foreign cars


Organizations failed to avoid the seizure operations

Hundreds of members of the organization Serving the Defense of the Family Heritage (SIPPAFA) met today with the National leader of SIPPAFA, Fidel Lugo Ayala, to learn about the legal situation on vehicles of foreign origin.

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Fidel Lugo Ayala, made it known that anyone who has a vehicle from 2009 and earlier and does not have the documentation in order could have problems with the Executive Coordination of Verification of Foreign Trade (CEVCE).

Lugo Ayala, commented that the cars subject to confiscation are those ostentatious and recent model, like sports cars.

The brands and vehicles that will enter the seizure: Mercedes Benz, Land Rover, Audi, Hummer, Rolls Royce, BMW, Porch, Lincoln, Jaguar, Volvo, Cadillac, Lexus, Mini Cooper, Alfa Romeo, and Shelby.

Finally, he recommended that those who have a vehicle with such characteristics, for the time being, refrain from circulating with them since it is not known when the decommission and confiscations operations will begin.

Sports cars, luxury cars, and models from 2010 to 2019 will be confiscated cars from 2009 and earlier will be inspected and, if the driver does not bring them, a driver’s license and up-to-date documents and affiliates membership and proof of insurance will be confiscated regardless of the year.

The National President of SIPPAFA Fidel Lugo Ayala; explained that all American vehicles of the year 2009 and earlier must have an affiliation in their name, insurance with damages to third parties, letter of no theft, and current license, so as not to be confiscated by CEVCE agents.

The General Director of the Executive Coordination of Verification of Foreign Trade (CEVCE), Marco Antonio González Beltrán, points out that under the regulations embodied in “a document of coordination with the Federation, where it empowers the State through a document that they call Annex 8, where it gives the powers of the Ministry of Finance to the State to operate throughout the entity, on roads, in cities, and municipalities.

ONAPAFFA AC and SIPPAFA AC was originally created to legalize foreign imported cars in Mexico

Due to the initiative of law that was presented Serving the Protection and Family Patrimony, Civil Association (SIPPAFA) AC to the Chamber of Deputies and Senators, the new costs were approved at National level for this 2019 in the legalization to vehicles of foreign origin, declares Fidel Lugo Ayala, National President of SIPPAFA AC

He stresses that it depends on the model of the car is what will be paid, for example one of 2013 will cost 10 thousand pesos, 2012 the owner will have to invest 9 thousand pesos to legalize his car.

“When the official newspaper of legalization of vehicles is published and we already bring the costs, we know how much each family that has a car of foreign origin will pay”.

It states that at the time the decree is published by the Official Gazette of the Federation, importation will be valid in each municipality and State of the Republic, so it will not be necessary for families to go to the border to legalize it.

“An import based on the Free Trade Agreement, the United States, Canada and Mexico is very high because it must be paid in dollars and we are talking about a lot of money 30 thousand pesos to 40 thousand pesos to legalize a vehicle.”

It indicates that as of this month the arrival of the cars increases, this is due to the arrival of the countrymen who bring their vehicles and leave them to their relatives.

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