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There are eight museums in Mexico that have not received any visitors so far in 2019

Only in five museums in Mexico City have concentrated 67% of total visits from January to May of this year

In Mexico, people exalt their country for its great cultural and natural diversity . However, the venues where historical and artistic production is housed do not receive equal attention in the different states of the Republic.

While only in five museums in Mexico City have concentrated 67% of total visits from January to May this year in other places such as Yucatan or Morelos there are sites that have not received even a visit.

In the national territory there are 162 museums open to the public under the protection of the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH), whose function is to narrate the passages of national or state history , as well as to give or expand knowledge about a locality, a place or a historical event.

Of those 162 places, in eight a foot has stepped on its facilities so far this year. For example, two historical sites that could be imagined as relevant are the La Chiquita Museum and the Historical Museum of Oriente de Morelos .

In the Museum La Francia Chiquita, Miguel HIdalgo lived. (Photo: Flickr)

Both were the homes of the most important heroes of the struggle for independence : Miguel Hidalgo and José María Morelos y Pavón , respectively. In that pair of sites the growth of the insurgents is counted, as well as their tastes and passions.

In Chiapas, the Archaeological Museum of Soconusco there is an exhibition of the archaeological site of Izapa that has been ignored all year; but it is not only a rejection of the archaeological, because in the Pinacoteca de Mérida, where works of the viceroyalty are exhibited, no people have attended either.

In Puebla , a very historic city for Mexico, there are two places that no one has visited: the former Convent of San Francisco and the Casa de las Palestas . In fact, the latter receives so little attention that on the website of the Ministry of Culture there is no information about it.

One that does not understand its abandonment is the Museum of Underwater Archeology of Campeche , because it contains a collection of unique Mayan culture . Within its walls there are funeral masks and jadeite jewelry from tombs of the Divine Lords of Calakmul , among other figures of high historical value.

In the Museum of Underwater Archeology of Campeche is a collection of unique Mayan culture. (Photo: INAH)

Something similar happens in Veracruz with the Baluarte Museum in Santiago , where an archaeological collection is exhibited, consisting of 42 pieces of pre-Columbian gold ingots that were confiscated from a fisherman who had found them at the bottom of the sea.

According to experts consulted by El Universal , among the reasons why these museums have not registered visits are varied, but they emphasize the gradual reduction of budgets for the operation, promotion , conservation and restorationof the enclosures.

Gerardo Herrera, specialist in tourism at the Universidad Iberoamericana in an interview with the newspaper, mentioned that in Mexico “there is a cultural centralism and we should have more federalism in that aspect, particularly in the southeast of the country , which is quite neglected.”

It is important to emphasize that this phenomenon is also influenced by other factors separated from government work with sites such as the advancement of technology and the lack of interest of people to delve into aspects of their history.

Source: el universal, infobae

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