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Water pipeline repairs completed water back on in Mazatlan

MAZATLÁN.- The works that began yesterday afternoon for the interconnection of the 4200-liter tank concluded satisfactorily, informed the Municipal Board of Drinking Water and Sewerage of Mazatlan.

The Jumapam, through the areas of Construction and Production, supervised the work, and after making the adjustments of parts and necessary welding, proceeded to open the valves, which were closed from Monday afternoon to perform the interconnection, with What the potable water supply will resume gradually in the affected colonies.

The delay was due to technical failures and parts that did not adjust the millimeter measures, said Ismael Tiznado Ontiveros, general manager of Jumapam.

“The coupling parts were not exact, they did not give the exact measurement, they had to make adjustments to the tubes that are 30 inches, coupled with that they were made recesses, extra welds in all that was the dawn.”

Tiznado Ontiveros explained that for this reason there was also a delay in the resumption of water supply in the city.

It is expected that on the afternoon of this Tuesday the liquid will flow gradually as the tanks take their level.

Once again, Ismael Tiznado asked the population for understanding due to situations beyond the Board’s reach, reiterating that all these works are for the purpose of improving the service.

Source: jumapam, pmxportal

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