AMLO guarantees the conclusion of strategic public works for Sinaloa


 In the framework of the visit made this Sunday by the President of the Republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, to Los Mochis, to deliver support from the Welfare Program, Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel held a private meeting with him later.

They addressed the issue of strategic works for Sinaloa, and the Governor’s management, the President of Mexico assured him that during his term of office the Santa María dam will be completed, the complementary works of the Picachos dam, the Bacurimí drain, the San Ignacio highway will be completed. -Tayoltita, a first stage of the Choix-Bahuichivo highway will begin, and work in progress will continue, such as the Badiraguato-Parral highway.

This was reported by Governor Ordaz Coppel, who described this new visit by the President of the Republic to Sinaloa as very positive, since he was able to calmly raise a broad work agenda during a meal after the event in Los Mochis.

“First of all, he reiterated the commitment to finish the two dams, both the Picachos and Santa María, on the other hand I asked him to help us accelerate, to put more resources to the Badiraguato-Parral road because it is complicated by all the engineering that is required and it is required to inject more wool and finish it in the next 2 years “.

Ordaz Coppel also presented the construction project of the road that connects San Ignacio with Tayoltita, which is a strategic road to change the economic map of the entire San Ignacio area because Tayoltita is a mining area, where right now it is only reached by air. , and the purpose is to start in a first stage of dirt road because the important thing is to arrive.

A medium-term project of strategic importance similar to the Mazatlan-Durango highway is the connection with Chihuahua through the construction of the Choix-Bahuichivo highway, since only 35 kilometers remain from the Sinaloa side and 70 kilometers from the Chihuahua side. although the most complicated is the construction of a bridge, whose investment is estimated at 600 million pesos.

The proposal made by the governor to the president is to start in stages, the first of these being the construction of the aforementioned bridge, then progressing by stages in the 35 kilometers of the Sinaloa side, and the other year continue with the remaining 70 kilometers until connecting with the capital of Chihuahua.

“Then, we were able to see it more deeply, but I did not miss that part, I told him that it was as important as the Mazatlán-Durango that this road would represent for Choix, El Fuerte and obviously for Los Mochis and the port of Topolobampo. It will take years, but my approach was let’s go right now with the bridge, we will be on top of that, “he said.

Ordaz Coppel mentioned that the first issue he addressed with the President was the drain Bacurimí, in Culiacán, whose project has been managed since last year at the Ministry of Finance, where it has stalled due to operating rules to free resources from part of the committee in charge.

He explained that finally on day 17 this committee will meet, which will approve 150 million for the Bacurimí drain.

“He is very interested, he knows that it is a priority, so it was another issue and I also took the opportunity to follow him up because he had already proposed the diversion of the Juarez drain in Los Mochis last week,” he added.

In this regard, Ordaz Coppel showed Lopez Obrador photographic progress of the works that are being processed in sanitary drains in the city of Los Mochis and he was pleased to see that progress is being made by the State Government.

Another issue addressed by the governor was the change of the maneuvering yards of the railroad in Culiacán, a project that for many years has been stalled due to negotiations with National Railways, and the instruction given by the president is to meet with the secretary of the SCT, Javier Jiménez Espriú to speed up and finalize this negotiation, which would be very positive news to change the urban image of the state capital.

During the conversation with López Obrador, Ordaz Coppel addressed other issues, such as the modernization of the port of Mazatlan and the construction of a new terminal for cruise ships, and for his part, the president requested support from the state agent to find potential buyers for the CIP Teacapán Playa Espíritu, since he said that the investment would remain entirely in Sinaloa.

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