More than 8 thousand people await AMLO visit to Los Mochis


The productive sector trusts that the agenda of the President of the Republic contemplates a space to listen to agricultural producers

Los Mochis, Sinaloa .- Everything is ready to receive President Andrés Manuel López Obrador today in his visit to Los Mochis.

Jaime Montes Salas, representative of the federal government in Sinaloa and delegate of the Programs for Development in the State of Sinaloa, informed that the attendance of more than 8 thousand people is expected.

“The President of the Republic is announcing his arrival at 13:30 hours to the sports unit Aurelio Rodríguez Ituarte there in the athletics stadium, in front of the Emilio Ibarra Almada baseball stadium. The dome is ready and we are waiting for 8 thousand people or more who will come to be, to listen to the message of our president, “said the federal official.

He mentioned that the purpose of the visit of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is to have a direct communication with citizens and symbolically provide support to seniors, people with disabilities and young people (Construyendo el Futuro), which are the most important programs they are developing, in addition to the 25 emerging programs that the country has.

“It comes to publicize figures, advances and other issues that will be played, surely there addresses them. She is a very experienced person in all of this and comes to perceive, but mainly comes to give them a message of hope and tell them that we are making good progress on all the fronts that have to be advanced for the recovery of Mexico. “


Regarding the manifestations that could be given by the different social groups demanding demands, Montes Salas commented that the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador respects free expression.

“In this Government it is in light that we are invited to dialogue and everyone in the field of their competence has to participate in the solution and in the contribution of ideas. But the first thing is that we are going to respect the demonstrations of all, it is not going to repress anyone, it is free to express itself to everyone, “he said. 

Productive sectors 

Representatives of the productive sector mentioned that they hope that the president’s agenda includes a space to listen to agricultural producers. 

Jorge Lopez Valencia, president of Coparmex Los Mochis, said that the visit of a president of the Republic is always important because that generates commitments with different sectors of the population. 

“For a long time the producers of the field have requested a space to talk directly with the president because his interlocutors, call him secretary of the Sader or the delegate for Social Programs, have not brought concrete answers to that sector. We hope that the president’s agenda contemplates that space to listen to agricultural producers, if not, his visit would not make any sense, “he said.

Likewise, Eury Valle, president of Canacintra Los Mochis, commented that it is very important in the visit of López Obrador not to lose sight of the important issues for Sinaloa such as the Picachos dam, and in northern Sinaloa, the road to Chihuahua to connect the Port of Topolobampo. “Hopefully now with Andrés Manuel López Obrador can be completed.” 

The president of Canirac in Ahome said that it is a good opportunity for all citizens and for the mayor of Ahome to express all the concerns and problems that are in the municipality, such as drainage. 

By the same tenor, Julio César Silvas, president of the Alliance for the Development and Competitiveness of Companies (Adecem), said that the different sectors have the expectation of being able to coincide at some point of their tour to express the problems that afflict them and in which the response capacity of the federal government is required.

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