Mexico wins, avoids tariffs; the agreement with the US implies a commitment to fight ‘Human Trafficking’


To avoid tariffs on all its merchandise, Mexico agreed to prioritize the deployment of the National Guard on its southern border, in addition to providing work, health services and guaranteeing human rights to migrants while they wait for the US to resolve their asylum request.

After three days of negotiations in Washington, the Mexican delegation managed to stop the imposition of tariffs on all domestic products from next Monday.

The agreement signed with the United States by the team headed by Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard implies that Mexico will “significantly” strengthen the application of its migratory law, prioritize the deployment of the National Guard in the southern border and work to dismantle human trafficking organizations, it’s financing and transport networks.

Also, that our country accepts the migrants that the US returns “without delay” once they request asylum to that country and have to wait for the resolution of their process.

During that time and on this side of the border, Mexico will give the Central Americans opportunities for work, education, health and protect their human rights.

For its part, the US ratified its commitment to invest and provide greater support for the development and prosperity of southern Mexico and Central America, according to the comprehensive plan drawn up by Andrés Manuel López Obrador in conjunction with the governments of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. .

After knowing the agreement, the President thanked the Mexicans for their support to avoid the imposition of tariffs and recognized Ebrard.

He announced that the ceremony scheduled for this afternoon in Tijuana will be to celebrate this diplomatic achievement.

The Mexican business sector, as well as officials and politicians from all parties, also expressed their satisfaction with the results delivered by the Mexican delegation during its mission to Washington.


The clouds that were over our economy were cleared, after the third day of negotiations in Washington and after 12 hours of closed meeting, Mexico and the United States signed an agreement to avoid the imposition of tariffs on all domestic products as of Monday, June 10.

The Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Marcelo Ebrard, the ambassador of Mexico in the United States, Martha Bárcena, and the spokesman of the Mexican Foreign Ministry, Roberto Velasco, leaving one of the meetings they had yesterday with US negotiators.  Photo: EFE

The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE), Marcelo Ebrard, announced that Mexico undertook to strengthen measures for the application of its Immigration Law and the deployment of the National Guard on the southern border, as well as the dismantling of organizations of people smugglers, illegal financing and transport networks.

In addition, it agreed to the exchange of information and coordinated actions with the United States to better protect and guarantee the security of the common border.

The foreign minister explained that our country also accepted that the United States return, without delay, to Mexico the migrants who request asylum, while their procedure is resolved.

The Mexican legislation, and that’s why it’s the plan with the National Guard and Migration, demands, demands, that all the people who cross Mexico have to register, and they have to be given a status.

Mexico is a very generous country, we have given visas of very different types, temporary work permits, then, what we have to do, according to the Marrakesh Pact that we signed, is that the people who are going to enter our country register, let’s have that in the first place.

And secondly, let it be clear, that we are not just another country to pass from one place to another, anonymously, because among other things that caused the tragedy of San Fernando (with the murder of 72 migrants in the municipality of Tamaulipas) ; then our policy is that, “said Ebrard.

The ambassador of Mexico in the United States, Martha Bárcena, revealed that Mexico will strengthen the measures for the application of its migratory law and will give job, education and health opportunities to the people who wait in Mexican territory for the end of their asylum process in the United States.

For its part, the United States ratified its commitment to invest and provide greater support for the development and prosperity of southern Mexico and Central America, in accordance with the comprehensive plan presented by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador with Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala.

Both parties agreed that if the adopted measures do not obtain the expected results, to reduce illegal migration, additional measures will be added in a period of 90 days.


The US Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin, yesterday applauded the agreement reached between the United States and Mexico, which he considered “very, very important.”

We could not be more satisfied with the agreement reached. It is very, very important and we value the commitment that Mexico has made to help us in important migration issues, “said Mnuchin in Fukuoka, where he is meeting for the G20.

For his part, Mike Pompeo, head of state of the US, congratulated Ebrard on his Twitter account with the following message: “We thank the chancellor @m_ebrard for their hard efforts to negotiate joint obligations that benefit the United States and Mexico. We hope to work together with Mexico to fulfill these commitments to reduce the flow of illegal migration that leaves Mexico so that our southern border is solid and safe. “

Even José Antonio Meade, former candidate for the Presidency of Mexico in 2018, sent his congratulations through this social network.

In the face of very complex conditions, we must recognize the merit of having reached an agreement in the negotiations led by the secretary @m_ebrard.

Applying tariffs would have caused great harm to our country and the economy of our region, “he wrote in his Twitter account.


President Andrés Manuel López Obrador thanked the Mexicans for their support to avoid the imposition of tariffs, recognized the work of Marcelo Ebrard and announced that today he will celebrate this achievement.

Before the measure was announced, during the inauguration of the first summit of Mayors of North America, said that the problems in America, are due to the lack of opportunities and development in the southern part of the continent, resulting in migration .

To the extent that you turn to see the people of the south and act in solidarity with them, to that extent we will also have a better coexistence in the north, “he said before 119 mayors from the United States, Canada and Mexico.

The president emphasized the need to integrate as a continent, instead of showing supremacy. In addition, to show solidarity with the migrants, by saying that they leave their countries in search of better opportunities.

People decide to emigrate, to abandon their villages, risking everything to look for something that mitigates their hunger and poverty.

Nobody leaves their town, abandons their family for pleasure, does it out of necessity, “he said.

The president of Grupo Carso, Carlos Slim Helú, assured that there must be an investment in the Mexican southeast and Central America, to achieve an end to social inequalities.

And for the good of all we have to invest – excuse the copy, President – for the good of all we have to invest in the southeast of Mexico and Central America.

To incorporate the population today marginalized to modernity, “he said.

The mayors of 119 cities of North America, signed the first manifesto of Joint Collaboration to Promote the Sustainable Development of their cities and promote the consolidation of the region, and the agreement establishes that cities will work together for sustainable urban development and promotion of inclusive societies.


The Mexican business sector expressed its satisfaction that the Mexican delegation managed to stop the imposition of tariffs with which President Donald Trump had threatened a week ago.

The business sector is satisfied with the opportunity to accompany the government in this important effort. We congratulate Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard, Secretary of Economy Graciela Márquez and the entire Mexican delegation, “the president of the Business Coordinating Council (CCE), Carlos Salazar Lomelín, said on Twitter.

For his part, the president of the Employers Confederation of the Mexican Republic (Coparmex), Gustavo de Hoyos, expressed his gratitude to the members of the government who engaged in negotiations to avoid the imposition of tariffs on Mexico by the United States.

Good news for Mexico and for the competitiveness and commercial integration of North America, “De Hoyos said on social networks.

For the president of the Confederation of National Chambers of Commerce, Services and Tourism (Concanaco), José Manuel López Campos, “sanity finally prevailed in bilateral negotiations.”

He pointed out that the scope of the agreement will allow the ratification of the Treaty between Mexico, the United States and Canada (USMCA) to continue.

In the industrial sector they also celebrated the indefinite suspension of tariffs against Mexico.

 We recognize the achievement achieved by the Mexican government delegation and we hope to learn more details soon “, were the words of Enoch Castellanos, president of the National Chamber of the Transformation Industry (Canacintra).

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