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CFE canceled payment system using smart cards

They were a headache for users

Although it has not made it public, the Federal Electricity Commission has decided to cancel the system of payment by smart cards because it not only brought with it numerous doubts among customers, but suspicions of corruption in several States of the country since it was launched in 2014. 

The CFE smart cards were a pilot program that did not last long in several States. For example, since February 2015 it was suspended in Sonora. And in Sinaloa, it was eliminated since October 2014, when in the northern area of ​​that Entity the meter contract was canceled by the company Iusa. 

In Yucatán, it was implemented with 256 thousand of a total of 1.9 million clients in the Peninsula, according to information from the Peninsular Division of the CFE.

Also, the website www.tutieneselcontrol.com.mx, which is where the CFE hosted this program to have it available to users, no longer works. When trying to consult it, all the browsers take several seconds and, in the end, it appears in the message that “the server in which it is hosted no longer responds”. 

The use of the smart card is called “point-of-sale billing” or “scheduled payment”. To use it, the client had to acquire a new meter and an electronic card with which the payment will be made and allow the user to directly monitor their consumption.

The benefits”

According to the CFE, it offers as “benefits” the choice of the due date, which the person can choose between days 1, 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 of each month. After the chosen date, the client will have 10 days to make his payment; otherwise, the meter will automatically suspend the electric power service. 

That point was one of the main complaints of users. 

In addition, in the use of this card, there is an interaction of the individual with his meter to read the consumptions and make the payments, which will no longer be accumulated because the rates will be handled monthly.

The activation of this system does not have any cost, however, in case any promoter wishes to charge for the service, it must be reported to the number 071 or in the facilities of the CFE to take the necessary measures. 

In addition, the customer must make a security deposit, however, the credit will remain in your account. The implementation of this service modality is not mandatory and, if the user already has it and wishes to return to the previous one, it is totally valid. 
It is known that those who already have the service will be able to continue using it and the CFE will be able to replace the smart cards for payment in their offices. 

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