New Zealand castaways rescued by Mazatlan fishing fleet finally arrive in port


After being rescued by a vessel from the Mazatlecan fishing company Pesca Azteca, the sailors arrive at the port safely.

Under a strictly ordered protocol, the three New Zealand sailors arrived in Mazatlan tonight who were shipwrecked in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and were rescued by the Mazatlan fishing tuna company, Pesca Azteca.

“It’s something divine, it’s a divine reception, ” said Keith Hogan, the eldest of the three, as soon as he stepped onto the grounds at of property owned by Grupo Pinsa, invaded by a flood media and surrounded by company personnel, naval authorities, and Elements of National Migration.

‘We look for tuna, we find lives’

On May 31, Hogan and his companions Nic Finlayson and Kosta Popov issued a warning call that the American Coast Guard captured and broadcast from Honolulu to the nearest boats.

It was then that Azteca 5 – owned by Grupo Pinsa, the company that owns Tuna Dolores – took notice and set out to rescue the three New Zealanders who were heading to a sailing competition in Los Angeles, California.

The castaways (on the right) next to the captain of Azteca 10, Víctor Manuel Ceja.

When the Mexican ship arrived at the site 13 hours after a long trip, the three sailors were seen in a life raft fighting for their lives with obvious symptoms of dehydration and sunburn.

After spending long hours in the middle of the waters of the Pacific, the castawayswere found east of Hawaii, 700 miles from the nearest coast, and loaded onto the boat.

Jubilant and in perfect health conditions came the New Zealanders.

‘Thanks to the training of the crew of the fishing boat in first aid’ – revealed the director general of Pesca Azteca, Manuel Vázquez -, a medical review was possible to the New Zealanders who were reported in good health.

Our boats look for schools of tunas, but this time the ambition was different: we found lives

The rescued people were transferred to the Azteca 10 vessel – another of the vessels of the same company -, which Captain Víctor Manuel Ceja drove to Mazatlán and went down, already in the dock where Grupo Pinsa is stationed, to his courageous crew members in perfect conditions of Health.

Manuel Vázquez, general director of Pesca Azteca.

“Social responsibility out there at sea has no limits nor has flags or industries,” said Vázquez. ‘We can do many things or talk about nice things, but once you’re out there, you have to practice, you have to live, and set an example every day.’

Before Hogan, Finlayson and Popov descended from Azteca 10, personnel of the Secretariat of the Navy, Migration and Ports Captaincy went up to meet with them to check all the information previously disseminated by Grupo Pinsa.

Photo: Jorge Osuna

‘It was not easy. It was a 13-hour journey from one place to another. It was something well planned, well coordinated, “said the general director, panting, but jubilant.

The three rescued left New Zealand at Easter and went to a sailing contest in Los Angeles, California, until fate made them divert their goal and ended up in Mazatlan.

In the meeting with media.

It was a well-planned protocol and a reception that Hogan would not hesitate to describe: ‘It’s something divine, a divine reception’.

Photo: Jorge Osuna
A triumphant, courageous arrival.
Keith Hogan
Kosta Popov

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