AMLO calls a massive protest in Tijuana to defend the dignity of Mexico


The event with the political, working and business class of the country will take place at 5:00 p.m. the place is still to be defined.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador called on Mexicans to participate next Saturday in a massive act of unity that will head in Tijuana, Baja California, to defend the dignity of Mexico, before the threat of his US counterpart, Donald Trump, on imposing tariffs to Mexican products.

“We are going to carry out and I am summoning the people of Mexico, all sectors, social classes, cultures, for an act of unity, for the defense of the dignity of Mexico and in favor of friendship with the people of the United States. United, “he said at a press conference from the National Palace.

The massive event will take place at 5:00 p.m. and the place, said the president, is still to be defined, but said that people from all over the country are going to participate.

“I am inviting the governors of all the states of the country. I’m going to invite federal, local legislators, of all expressions; I am going to invite ministers of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation and the members of the Judicial Power; I am going to invite labor leaders, peasants, leaders of social organizations, religious leaders, business leaders. It is an act of unity, “he said.

He said that from Tijuana, the federal government will set a position on what the United States Government intends to do in commercial matters.

“We are going to establish our position, which, I repeat, will be developed, to express, taking into account that we want to have a good neighbor with the United States, but at the same time defending the dignity of Mexico. We want to act with great prudence, but at the same time with firmness in the defense of our sovereignty, “he said.

Even with agreement, he will perform the act

López Obrador said he was optimistic about negotiations with the neighboring country to stop the threat of imposing tariffs as of June 10; However, he said that even reaching an agreement, the planned event in Tijuana will be held.

“We hope that an agreement is reached, anyway we will do the act on Saturday in Tijuana. Notice with time for those who want to attend and begin to prepare because that is where our part begins and takes time to travel to Tijuana, but I think they will participate from all over the country, citizens from all over the country and we will carry out this act next Saturday, “he added.

On the other hand, he highlighted that the authorities of the United States and President Donald Trump “have behaved very well” because they have not closed the dialogue.

“I am confident that an agreement will be reached so that these unilateral measures will not be applied as of Monday, as President Trump has said.”

Recognizes immigration crisis

The president acknowledged that there is currently a migration crisis, but insisted on supporting the countries of Central America through productive activities and offering work visas in our country.

“It is a deep crisis, humanitarian, then you can not attend closing borders, you have to address where the social problem originates,” he said.

Source: Publimetro

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