Yucatan health officials warn of the possibility of a Yellow Fever outbreak in 2019


Yellow fever is an acute viral hemorrhagic disease transmitted by infected mosquitoes. The “yellow” in the name refers to jaundice that affects some patients. Symptoms of yellow fever include fever, headache, jaundice, muscle pain, nausea, vomiting, and fatigue.

Researchers say that the illness is known as “yellow fever” and eminently coming from Central America, and it will threaten the population additionally to diseases such as dengue, chikungunya, and zika transmitted to man by mosquitoes. Therefore, the Mérida City Council launched a campaign that consists of fumigation, overturning and dejunk actions. This campaign will last for the next six months.

Jorge Gamboa Wong, director of Social Welfare of the municipality, recalled that according to studies and information from the UADY’s Regional Center “Hideyo Noguchi”, the threat of yellow fever coming to Yucatan is real; hence the importance of initiating early preventive measures, especially because of the rainy season that has already begun.

In this regard, Mérida mayor Renán Barrera Concha expressed the following:

“This is a job that we have to do all by hand, in order to combat these diseases during the rainy season, we have to take the necessary precautions to avoid puddles that could serve as incubation areas for the mosquitoes. Therefore, it is necessary to clean up garages and patios, and avoid having containers that could serve as a breeding ground”.

Renán Barrera pointed out that even though health actions and programs are handled and managed by the federal government, the municipality always contributes as much as possible in favor of the health of the population.

Source: The Yucatan Times, Diario de Yucatan

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