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Mazatlan resumes free sterilization of dogs and cats

They serve around 80 animals a day in strategic points of the city

Mazatlan, Sin. After 20 days of being out of service for maintenance and repair, the mobile veterinary unit that carries out the Dog and Cats Sterilization Campaign in Mazatlan resumed work in the Villa Florida colony , where it will remain until Friday.

Daily, between 12 and 14 sterilizations are performed, 35 doses of flea and tick are applied, as well as 30 anti-rabies.

José Porfidio Becerra, veterinary assistant, reported that strategic points are covered in the city to cover as many colonies as possible, especially areas with more animal populations.

He said that there has been an excellent response in the colonies of Francisco Villa, Flores Magon, Pradera Dorada, Infonavit Alarcon, and Villa Florida, where neighbors of the adjacent settlements attend.

Among the requirements that are asked for free sterilization, they emphasize that the animal has more than 3.5 kilograms of weight so that it resists the anesthesia and is fasting.

For more information, you can consult the page Pro-Sanidad Mazatlan where all the requirements are disclosed and you can track the places where they will be in the next week, data that is uploaded on Friday and Saturday.

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