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Mexican Consumer Power Group call for a boycott of American products and buy #HECHO EN MEXICO

Faced with threats from US President Donald  Trump , to impose  tariffs  on Mexican merchandise imports, Consumer Power (PC) reactivated its War Cry Consumers campaign  , which launched days before the President’s inauguration. American in January 2017, against the insults that he launched against the Mexicans since his campaign.

The PC proposed that if the threats to establish generalized and progressive tariffs on products made in Mexico and entering the United States become reality, Mexican consumers stop buying imported products from the United States and replace them with products made in Mexico.

Due to the above, the image of the  War Scream Consumers campaign  and the #ConsumeMexicano Hashtag circulates through social networks through which each consumer undertakes not to make purchases of products imported from the US as of the moment that Trump complies. threat of imposing tariffs on domestic products.

Trump said that if Mexico does not slow down the migration to his country, tariffs will be progressively with 5 percent each month from June 10 to reach 25 percentage points in October 2019.

The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE), Marcelo  Ebrard , reported that he spoke with Trump’s son-in-law and adviser, Jared Kushner, and with the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, to unblock the matter.Ver imagen en Twitter

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Llamamos a consumidores mexicanos a estar listos si Trump convierte sus amenazas arancelarias en realidad para responder con su poder de elección y compra. #ConsumeMexicano https://elpoderdelconsumidor.org/2019/05/consumidores-mexicanos-al-grito-de-guerra-frente-a-amenazas-de-trump/ …21521:15 – 31 may. 2019182 personas están hablando de esto

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