In Sinaloa 785 zones are considered risky during the rainy season


Civil State Protection (PC), Francisco Vega Meza, mentioned that the municipalities with greater risk are, Mazatlan, Culiacán, Guasave and the City of Mochis

Culiacán Sinaloa (Informational Reaction) .- Around 785 zones throughout the state are considered risky during this rainy season, mainly those located in low areas and in some places where there is a large amount of water like Mazatlan. , Culiacán, Guasave and the City of the Mochis, informed the head of State Civil Protection (PC), Francisco Vega Meza.

The state official mentioned that this is derived from hydrological problems in the channels of rivers, canals and some roads that are dangerous from a strong rainfall.

“In Culiacán we have the drain Agustina Ramírez, in the northern part of the city, they are doing some important repairs that are part of what has been invested by the State Government, in El Piojo stream, a few days ago the Governor started flying a work of a stream from the López Mateos colony, as well as repairs of collectors in Los Mochis, also in Mazatlan, covering drains and streams to mitigate those risks, “he added.

Vega Meza, mentioned that the different entities of the three levels of Government will be working in a coordinated manner to deal with the best natural phenomena that occur in the entity and thus avoid incidents that regret.

“The Governor has started works for a little more than 500 million pesos, mainly in Los Mochis, Culiacán and Mazatlan, I think it is a great investment that has been made, it is still more to solve a historical problem with water, because it is a very complex problem, “he said.

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