“Güero Sabá” leader of Los Mazatlecos is captured in Aguascalientes


Aguascalientes, Ags.-The alleged leader of the criminal group called Los Mazatlecos, José Sabas Ávalos, popularly known in Mazatlán as in Villa Unión as “El Gúero Saba”, was apprehended by a joint operation in a shopping center in this capital city. 

In a coordinated deployment of the security forces, the arrest of José, alias “el Güero Sabá”, who is considered one of the main leaders of a criminal group, whose activities are primarily related to the sale and distribution of drugs, was achieved. money laundering, kidnappings, murders, among others.

According to the information given in that State and disclosed in national media, elements of the Ministerial Police and the Mexican Army carried out the arrest when walking outside a store, located in the Altaria scepter.

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The newspaper La Jornada, announced that it was located as a priority target and Culiacan was wanted for crimes against health, as well as homicide. 

He was also said to be the presumed leader of Los Mazatlecos, in addition to working for El Chapo Isidro. 

But this criminal was not only looking for him in Mexico but also in the United States. So far it has not been disclosed if he was taken to Mexico City or Cuiacán. 
His arrest has already gone around Mexico and is in different media.

After the confrontation in which 17 delinquents died to the south of the union of Villa Union, in Mazatlan, he disappeared from the scene. 

Source: rasnoticias, el sol del centro, la jornada

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