The Mazatlan LGBT community marches for their rights


Respect and inclusion, is the call in March for Sexual Diversity

The contingent departed from the Glorieta Sánchez Taboada and culminated in the Avenida del Mar junction with Avenida Rafael Buelna. Later the actress and singer, Liz Vega, was crowned as queen of the march

Phrases calling for respect, inclusion and equality and multicolored flags of all sizes, led the Eleventh Edition of the March for Gay Pride and Sexual Diversity, in which nearly 500 people participated in comparsas “floats” and allegorical cars and departed from the Roundabout Sanchez Taboada and culminated in cruise of the Avenue of the Sea with Avenue Rafael Buelna.

Respect and inclusion, is the call in March for Sexual Diversity

There were 11 allegorical cars that participated in the parade and in this edition the actress and singer Liz Vega was crowned, as queen of the march in a party that took place in a point of the Golden Zone, informed Tulio Martínez Tirado, President of Sinaloa Diverso AC

Respect and inclusion, is the call in March for Sexual Diversity

One of the participants, Fernanda López, said proudly of being part of the parade and of sending a message to society urging non-discrimination.

Respect and inclusion, is the call in March for Sexual Diversity

Along the Avenida del Mar people gathered to appreciate the parade … tourists and Mazatlecos could not miss, who supported with colorful flags and asked for respect to the LGBTTTIQ community.

Vicky Ibarra Rojas said that they will continue with this struggle until the Gender Identity Law is passed, and above all that the right to form a family is respected

With colored flags, comparsas, costumes, caps and floats, more than 5 thousand people marched in the port of Mazatlan for the rights of the Gay Lesbian community, whose motto in this eleventh edition was called “Proud of being”.

Vicky Ibarra Rojas LGBT activist Mazatlan considered that the lack of information is the main obstacle for these people to have equal marriage, so they will continue on their way so that future generations will not be discriminated against since they are part of a Sinaloa society that fight day with day for your rights.

“Today we are marching for our rights in Sinaloa LGBT population, to pass the gender identity law for transgender people and above all to respect the right to form a family that is approved by the state with the figure of marriage egalitarian”.

Local people and even tourists who witnessed this eleventh edition “Proud to be” to accompany their family and friends approved this type of event, since they said it is unfair to be denigrated, since they are people with The same rights as any citizen, and not only because of their sexual preferences should be discriminated against.

“I support them, the truth that should be legalized, good and respect because I also have family and friends, we are all equal”.  

“It is very good what they are claiming, they know why they want it, they have always accepted it, only that before it did not look as good as it looks right now”.

“I’m very happy here accompanying a friend of my daughter, but I think it’s very good, you have to not denigrate.”  

Ibarra Rojas said that in each edition there are more people who join this march, where full families, public officials, and even citizens who do not remain in the population, however, take up this right of equality.     

In the tour that was carried out along the boardwalk, groups of young people with wools could be observed where you could see phrases such as “respect yourself and others will respect you”, “I know who you are and express what you feel”, “It is my right to express it without hiding it. “

The march started on Sanchez Taboada Avenue to conclude at Valentinos, at the height of Rafael Buelna Avenue, where it was possible to have an order from the authority of municipal transits.

Source: Linea Directa, Tvpacifico

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