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The US will send agents to Guatemala border with Mexico

The Washington Post newspaper reported that there are about 80 agents who will arrive in Guatemala to advise immigration and police authorities in that country to combat migrant trafficking.

The government of Donald Trump will send dozens of agents to the northern border of Guatemala with Mexico to help local authorities to curb originally the Central American immigration exodus to the United States, according to The Washington Post newspaper on Friday.

The agents, about 80, according to sources consulted by the capital’s newspaper, will advise the Guatemalan immigration and police authorities to combat human trafficking networks, in a plan agreed between the Trump and Jimmy Morales governments. that is not yet public.

The acting secretary of National Security, Kevin McAleenan, was this week in Guatemala City, where according to the Post he closed the agreement with the Morales government.

The deployment will be concentrated in the department of Huehuetenango, which borders Chiapas, in Mexico, where the Pan-American highway passes and where a large part of the migratory flow crosses between the two countries.

The border town of La Mesilla, in Huehuetenango, is for many the point from which they cross into Mexico.

Huehuetenango is, in fact, one of the focal points of the migratory flow and its municipalities have lost a large part of their population in recent months.

The goal of the United States government is to prevent migrants from entering Mexico so that they can not reach their own border, which for months has been experiencing a crisis due to the growing migratory flow, mostly Central American families seeking asylum

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