The US tariffs will seriously impact Sinaloa


The unilateral decision of US President Donald Trump to apply tariffs for Mexico worries Sinaloa, and there are already problems with tomato exports, causing a blow to bilateral trade, said the secretary of state economy, Javier Lizárraga. 

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Trump is leading us into “A Trade War”

The tariff of 5.0 percent on goods from Mexico to the United States of America will impact the country and in particular Sinaloa, which already has problems with tomato exports. There is no logic to speak of A USMCA and take a measure of this nature, said the secretary of state economy, Javier Lizárraga, who warns of a “commercial war with the US”.

Donald Trump, president of the USA, yesterday announced a special tariff to products of our country until the flow of undocumented immigrants ceases.

Interviewed before a working breakfast with partners of the CMIC, the state official acknowledged that Mexico will have to apply more on the issue of migration. “This is going to have very critical situations, especially in tomatoes that are already struggling; this hits all exports, bilateral trade between the two nations, it is about 500 billion dollars.

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We are the second trading partner of the neighboring country of the north and this, the tariff measure, is not good for the two countries, said Lizárraga.

He said that Sinaloa last exported three thousand 656 million dollars to the American Union, 73 percent of exports go there. We send vegetables, meat, manufacturing and many other things.

This puts us practically in a commercial war and is very regrettable; and what President López Obrador did is to immediately send the Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Marcelo Ebrard, to negotiate; it is an absurdity of Trump that ratifies the USMCA and takes this type of measures. “Passage of words to the facts and puts us in a commercial war, similar to China”, emphasized Lizárraga.

In the meeting with the CMIC builders, the president of this agency, Eleuterio Trujillo, welcomed him and offered all the support of the engineers and architects to the owner of Economía de Sinaloa.

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Lizárraga, supported by videos pointed out that Sinaloa produces 30 percent of the food consumed in Mexico, in addition to having the first place in quality in production. We contribute 2.0 percent of the Mexican economy and we have an annual growth of more than 2 percent.

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Before the message of Javier Lizárraga, a part of his biography was read that was known as the important head of the Marine Group; he has been councilors of organisms

as Nafinsa, Tec. De Monterrey, Bancomer, API, Grupo Salinas and president of Canacintra and Codesin. With the government of Quirino Ordaz Coppel, he became the Secretary of the Economy, a position he holds until today.

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