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Sinaloa: Plum Fair in Aguacaliente de Garáte on June 8 and 9

* 150 tons production

The mayor of Concordia, Felipe Garzón, announced on June 8 and 9 the start of the Plum Fair in Aguacaliente de Gárate, with a production of 150 tons of the fruit that is intended to add value. The idea is to reactivate the economy of the municipality and especially this receivership, the largest in the region of Concordia.

Accompanied by Trinidad Osuna Lizárraga, director of Tourism, who had the representation of the state head of the SECTUR, Oscar Pérez Barros; of the director of Tourism of Concordia, Martín Osuna and of the queens of the fair, incoming and outgoing, Paola and Fernanda Tiardo, respectively, the municipality also said that an economic corridor with several communities of Concordia is wanted, such as Aguacaliente de Gárate, Mesillas , Malpica and Copala.

Felipe Garzón also reported that he wants a tourist corridor with the participation of Concordia, El Rosario, Escuinapa and of course Mazatlan.

The mayor of that municipality said that Saturday will be the coronation of the Queen of the Fair of the Plum and on Sunday there will be a culinary show around the plum that goes from desserts to food dishes that have this fruit as a dressing. He said there will be a pavilion with about 30 food stands.

In greater explanations, Martín Osuna indicated that in desserts there will be bread, gelatin, flan, sweets and various food with plums from the red and yellow region. He pointed out that there will be canned products. Within the framework of the fair, acknowledgments will be given to distinguished people who have done a lot for this syndicate.

He indicated that there will be an artisan process of cooking and dehydrating the plum and without conservatives. In the two days there will be cultural, musical and recreational activities such as palo encebado, mechanical games for children, parade of the queens, a cavalcade and a dance at 9 o’clock on the night of Saturday, June 9. It was reported that on June 15 will close the fair with the presentation of the singer Max Peraza.

In other questions, Felipe Garzón informed about the reactivation of Concordia and said that to do this, he intends to integrate Copala, a stately town, with the highway, and for that, some 25 million pesos will be invested; It is estimated to build two small dams to help in the cultivation of the flower of alcatraz, orange, peach, mango, apple

and the avocado has. There is a project to renovate the facades with an investment of about 5 million pesos and finish putting the underground wiring.

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