Dengue fever, with a greater presence in southern Sinaloa


One case is from Culiacán and the rest is concentrated in Escuinapa and Mazatlán

Mazatlan, Sinaloa .- The fight against the transmitting vector of dengue does not stop, said the director of the area of ​​Prevention and Health Promotion in Sinaloa, Rafael Felix Espinoza. 
The official explained that the Ministry of Health has registered 25 cases of dengue, one is from Culiacán and 24 are distributed in the southern region.

In Escuinapa and Mazatlán the largest number is located, but they are not serious cases, which were attended in a timely manner and without complications.

There are also three cases of Zika in the central and northern zone, and no cases of chikungunya. 
For patients with Zika, the program of prevention for pregnant women was activated due to the risk that may occur in them or in the baby. There is follow-up, but so far all normal progress. 


Felix Espinoza stressed that before the rainy season begins, a day will be discarded in the municipalities with the greatest risk. 

Likewise, all Vector and Zoonoses personnel work permanently eliminating breeding sites, applying abbreviations and guiding the population to work on cleaning the patios, roofs, and front of their homes.

In this fight to end the mosquito Aedes aegypti, a transmitter of dengue, zika, and chikungunya, the work of all citizens is required.

It is important that the health personnel is allowed to enter their work. 
When fumigated, open the doors and windows so that the adult mosquito can be eliminated. Also, to finish with the pots, to eliminate the potential mosquito breeding sites.

The official explained that in the water that accumulates in a cap, the vector can emerge and it becomes a threat to people.

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