The federal government must give a message of confidence to investors, ask Canacintra


Emilio Hernández Kelly said that no good decisions have been made, as was the cancellation of the new CDMX airport, a situation that only generates uncertainty in businessmen

Mazatlan, Sin.- It is of the utmost necessity that the Federal Government transmit a message of confidence for productive investment, both national and foreign, because it seems that it is in the expectation that certain definitions will develop, reproached Emilio Hernández Kelly. 

The president of the National Chamber of the Transformation Industry in Mazatlan said that as a country signs have been sent that cause uncertainty among businessmen, such as the cancellation of the airport, the hydrocarbon, and electricity investment round this to avoid having networks of corruption in this type of bidding, but they have to resolve as soon as possible so that people arrive to bet on the entity.  

“At the national level on the issue of infrastructure and the large investment that has not been given, and neither the investment on the part of the government, we need to send us a message that if they have already reviewed what had to be reviewed and started at flow, and that the investors are trusted, because neither the government can alone, because their investment capacity is not so high “. 

In the case of Sinaloa the investment has been coming in the real estate sector, in the construction industry, thanks to the confidence that there is in the region there will be good results, so the corresponding authorities should work in this area and which is a favorable climate to invest.

The businessman pointed out that there are several important issues at the national level that have not been reviewed to provide a solution, such as the arrival of natural gas, the fight against corruption, the infrastructure plan that will be carried out, how it is going to financing, therefore, can not be allowed to decrease further the economy, since in the first quarter it showed less 0.2 percent, a situation that should not get worse.

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