Federal Police review Sinaloa Highways: They want them in optimal conditions


There are two highways that are reviewed by the Federal Police in the municipality

Mazatlan, Sin. – The current conditions of the federal highways that lead to the port of Mazatlan are reviewed with “magnifying glass” to determine the real condition in which they are.

The commander of the Federal Police based in this port, Karlo Castillo Gracia, informed that it is a road audit to verify the physical condition, mainly of the two main communication routes, the Mazatlán-Culiacán and Mazatlán-Durango highways.

He said that it is an element of said corporation, who travels both roads, which is responsible for recording any type of damage that the asphalt tape could have.

Coincidentally today (yesterday), a colleague is doing what has been a road audit, to determine what is the status of the roads in the jurisdiction of Mazatlan.

With this type of inspection, he said, the roads are expected to be in optimum condition after the start of the hurricane season and the next summer vacation period.

He recognized that vacations are just around the corner, so it is necessary that communication channels, mainly those of quota, are in good condition.

If there are anomalies in the asphalt belt, he said, a report is sent and sent to the concessionaire companies, so that they can correct any damage that these roads may present.

At the port, he said, there are two highways that are currently being inspected, one on the Mazatlán-Durango highway stretch and the other on Mazatlán-Culiacán, which are concurred during vacation periods.

The Federal Police based in Mazatlan covers about 604.8 kilometers, which correspond to the area of ​​jurisdiction that covers the free highways Mexico 40, Mexico 15 and the Mazatlán-Durango and Mazatlán-Culiacán highways.


604.8 kilometers are covered by the Federal Police based in Mazatlan.

Source: el sol de mazatlan

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