Mayor of Mazatlán sees possible sabotage on water pipeline collapse


Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez asserts that Jumapam workers are responsible for the failures

Mazatlan .- Mayor Luis Guillermo Benitez Torres said at a press conference that has complaints from workers of the Municipal Water Board and Sewerage of Mazatlan (Jumapam) that point to the failure of the pipeline from the Los Horcones plant It was the product of sabotage by employees that come from the government of Fernando Pucheta Sánchez .

The sabotage is not done in the place where the imperfection is, but there are people who access the valves, increase the volume and pressure of the water, which bursts the pipes, said Luis Guillermo Benitez Torres.

Delinquents the mayor said are responsible and said that investigations are being conducted to identify them, as it considered as inhumane to leave the population without water.

“The Chemist” committed to ending corruption within the municipal government and that these people who come from past administrations, whom he described as “rogue thugs”, “do not resist that they are taking away resources that were previously stolen.” He added that there are people who he wanted to terminate but have not been able to do so because of the cost that it would imply for the Board, which is going through an economic crisis.

Right of reply

In a telephone interview with former mayor Fernando Pucheta Sánchez, he said that although he frequently hears opinions against him from the mayor, he will not “fall into the game (Benítez Torres), and will not answer anything. “

The former mayor added that if Benítez Torres has something to say, that he goes to the corresponding instances. He said that he has heard Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres say that he is a professional, and reminded him that in the professional field there are ways of behaving.

I have my head held high and I do not hide from society, said the former official, so he is open to any investigation.

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