Diabetes in Sinaloa a serious problem


There are 350 thousand patients in the state, of which 180 thousand are diagnosed, the rest do not know

There are many cases of diabetes in Sinaloa.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa .- Diabetes is a disease that is considered a serious threat to public health, and it seems that in Mexico nothing is being done to stop it, despite the fact that 90% of cases are preventable and that since 2018 there is a national emergency.

The numbers are increasing and if something is not done, in 10 more years, half of the Mexican population will be diabetic; assured Dr. Héctor Velasco Serrano, internist and diabetes specialist.

35% of the population in Mexico presents obesity, one of the causes of diabetes.

In Mexico there are 18 million diabetics with a 23% prevalence in people of 20 years or more; in Sinaloa, 350 thousand cases are reported, of which 180 thousand are diagnosed, the rest do not know, with a prevalence of 21% of the population of 20 years or more.

Of the 180 thousand diagnosed, only 30% go to the doctor on a regular basis; assured the specialist.

According to statistics, 30,000 new cases of diabetes per year are registered in the state.

45% of Mexicans are overweight, which increases the risk of diabetes.

Only in the southern area of ​​the state, there are 600 patients on hemodialysis, of whom around 500 are from Mazatlan; to these are added two thousand 800 cases of diabetic foot, five thousand 300 of retinopathy and two thousand 550 patients with loss of vision, in the southern zone.

Each of the patients on hemodialysis, Velasco Serrano added, costs the Health Sector 360 thousand pesos a year, not counting the attention for complications such as pneumonia, in which the patient has to be hospitalized.

He commented that one or two patients, either a finger, a foot, a leg, are amputated daily in the port due to diabetes-related problems.

The seriousness of the case is that every hour, in the country eight patients die from this disease, since 80% of deaths in Mexico, is related to diabetes.


Héctor Velasco Serrano pointed out that in Mexico the official figures are not real since the incidence is calculated by the population in general, which is 120 million Mexicans; however, it is known that the cases registered in the population under 20 years old are minimal.

So the calculation should be made on the figure of 75 million, which is the population of 20 years and over. If this is done, the prevalence in Mexico is not 12.5%, but 23%.

“And this comes from 2010, when the UN told Mexico that it had to declare a national emergency due to the diabetes problem, it stayed in control and they did the National Diabetes Survey that was completed in 2012, the figures but increased, and only last year declared the emergency, it took eight years to do it, “he said.

He indicated that in 2016 they wanted to do the National Survey again, but they did not finish it, since they realized that the problem of diabetes in the country is “a monster that eats us” and of very high costs.


Velasco Serrano explains that diabetes is a disorder where the sugar goes up to patients due to a deficit of insulin, which is multifactorial, among the main causes is obesity, overweight and sedentary lifestyle.

“90% of diabetes is preventable if there was no obesity technically the number of diabetics would be 10% or less,” he said.

Unfortunately, Mexico has the first place in obesity, both in adults and children.

“The saddest thing is that we are seeing that we are the first place in the world in type 2 diabetes in children, which was not seen before, 20 years ago, but this goes hand in hand with being overweight, we are the first place at the global obesity of children, “he added.

He said that with normal muscle mass, the risk of diabetes is four percent, which rises three times more when you are overweight, and 80% of the population in Mexico is overweight, only 20% is keep in shape

He regretted that neither in the country, nor in Sinaloa, nor in the municipality, anything is done to prevent diabetes, only spent on healing, but not on prevention.

He said that with comprehensive treatment in the patient, including his family, much progress could be made against this disease, to the point of reducing it to only 10% or less.


If in Mexico, 35% of the population is obese and 45% is overweight, those who are above normal weight will be integrated sooner than the list of diabetics.

On the other hand, in the country there are 40 million people who have impaired fasting glucose or impaired glucose, which are considered pre-diabetic; Worldwide, there are 352 million patients who are in the ante-room of diabetes.

To these are added pregnant women who present hyperglycemia in the process of childbirth, of which 40% will be diabetic in a period of 4 and 5 years; in Mexico, the incidence of these cases is 23%, due to the number of births amounting to 2 million 400 thousand a year, so it would be talking about 200 thousand people who would enter the list of diabetics, for this reason, a year .


355 thousand diabetics, with diagnosis 180 thousand and the rest do not know

21% of the population aged 20 and over have diabetes

30 thousand new cases per year

30% of patients go regularly to the doctor


Diabetic foot: 1,900

Amputees: 550

Retinopathy: 3,650

Loss of vision: 1,750

Dialysis: 500


Diabetic foot: 2,800

Amputees: 800

Retinopathy: 5,300

Loss of vision: 2,550

Dialysis: 600


Attacks the economically active population: it is the

Main cause of non-traumatic amputations in Mexico

Main cause of blindness

Decreases life expectancy 10 years

First cause of death

Damage to the peripheral nerves of 60 to 70% of patients

Renal failure in almost 15% of patients

Sexual dysfunction


425 million cases of diabetes

352 million pre-diabetic patients

4 million people die from diabetes each year

727 million dollars is the annual cost of diabetes

17.2% incidence of hyperglycemia in pregnant women


1.- China: 114.4 million

2.- India: 72 million

3.- United States: 30.2 million

4.- Brazil: 12.5 million

5.- Mexico: 12 million

SOURCE: World Diabetes Atlas 2017.


18 million cases of diabetes

From 8 to 10 million patients who have not been diagnosed

Mortality: 120 thousand deaths due to diabetes

Cost: 380 billion health sector budget (2010)

23% prevalence of diabetes among people aged 20 and over

23% incidence of hyperglycemia in pregnant women

200 thousand cases per year are added due to alteration of sugar in pregnancies

40 million people have impaired fasting glucose or impaired glucose


From 20 to 29 years old: 1%

From 30 to 39: 3.2%

From 40 to 49: 8.9%

From 50 to 59: 19.2%

From 60 to 69: 25.3%

From 70 to 79: 24.7%

80 and over: 19.9%


2 out of 3 deaths in Mexico are reported as secondary cause

15 out of every 100 deaths are caused by diabetes

80% of deaths are related to diabetes because it causes cerebral infarction and myocardial infarction, which are the main causes of death in Mexico

Source: el sol de mazatlan

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