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Embassies will not take charge of the tourist promotion of Mexico

The president of the Association for Culture and Tourism in Latin America (ACTUAL), Armando Bojórquez, revealed that it is a misunderstanding to believe that the work of Mexico’s tourism promotion abroad will fall exclusively on the embassies and consulates of the country .

The turistero leader assured that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SER), through its embassies and consulates around the world, will only be a link with the industry, but they will not take full charge of these actions.

On the staff of the Mexican Foreign Service (SEM), Bojórquez commented “they do not have time for this, they are just looking for the formula of how to integrate them into this task, but for now it has created a lot of confusion”.

Armando Bojórquez also commented that he has already had talks with the Ministry of Tourism (Sectur) to know in detail the current current administration’s plan for the sector, and how to support and add from the private initiative. The possibility of making familiarization trip of SEM personnel in Mexico destinations has even been commented, so that they have direct information of what will be promoted.

The president of Actual is not the first to point out that the staff of embassies and consulates has a lot of work related to the representation of Mexico abroad, and to serve the nationals who live in the different countries of the world, but it is the first that outlines a clarification before the lack of forcefulness on the part of Sectur to reveal the form how this new scheme of tourist promotion would operate, after the closing of the CPTM.

In addition to the official information issued by the unit of Miguel Torruco only refers to general plans, without specific details, a situation that keeps the tourism industry uncomfortable and in a scenario of uncertainty.

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