Mazatlan fire at IMSS causes panic among patients and relatives


A large amount of smoke caused the rescue authorities to mobilize their elements and evacuate people in the vicinity and fortunately, there were no injuries or deaths

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- A fire in the IMSS archive has caused panic and mobilizationof emergency bodies in Mazatlan.

So far it was speculated that the incident was registered in the elevator area, however there are no official statements, but nearby sources indicate that the incident originated in the Archive area.

Firefighters from Mazatlán and Veterans moved to Social Security, which is located on Avenida Ejercito Mexicano, minutes after 8:00 pm this Sunday, when the fire was reported.

For the ambulance area is where the firefighters entered to try to quell the incident , which is evidence of the dense smoke that comes out of some areas near emergency.

Dozens of people ran to realize the fact to get safe, as well as began to ask for help for their relatives hospitalized.

The building was evacuated by rescuers assembled at the meeting point in this type of case. The same Edgar Peinado, Fire Commander, declared that the fire was recorded in the Archive area, which is already controlled. 


He also mentioned that the evacuation was due to the fact that they are ventilating the place to re-enter the IMSS.

The most serious inpatients were the first to evacuate and they were transferred to the naval hospital, which is next to the Emergency Department.

Rescuers, until now, are still taking preventive actions so that all evacuees do not present any damage or risk subsequent to contact with the fire, or the smoke that emanated from it.

Inpatient census after the fire

5th floor: 48 people 
4th floor: 45 people 
3rd floor: 15 people 
2nd floor: 32 people 
Intensive therapy: 3 people 
Neonates: 8 who were not evacuated  
Emergency: 25 people 
Intermediate Emergency: 6 people 
Pediatric Emergencies: 2 people 
Tococirugía: 2 people 
Recovery: 7 people

Total: 201 patients 

Medical and administrative staff: 75 people (60 nurses and 15 doctors)

Patients evacuated to other hospitals. 

Issste: 3 people 
General Hospital: 2 people 
Sea clinic: 4 people 
Naval Hospital: 31 people  
Municipal Hospital: 1 person

Source: proteccion civil, el debate, el sol de mazatlan

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