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There will be 27 new motorcycles that will reinforce safety in Mazatlan

Luis Guillermo Benitez Torres said that they had contemplated 30 units.

Mazatlan, Sin.- As a matter of budget, the Mayor of Mazatlan, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres announced that the number of motorcycles that had been designated to increase security, which was 30, decreased, so now it will be 27, in order to stay on budget.

The municipal said that the units will possibly be arriving next Friday, of which a part of these units are for Public Security elements and the other for transit police because those the ones we have are not suitable for transit and useless in protecting the city.

Benitez Torres said there are precise directions to safeguard security, especially after what happened in centro last week, we recognized that 1,500 police elements are required, we don’t have enough police right now

“The ideal for Mazatlan according to the UN regulations should be 1,500 police we are far from that number, I will do everything possible, I do not commit to a number but we will do everything possible, the more we save More money will be applied to security. “

The first mayor added that they are about to receive 100 elements graduated from the police academy, a figure that comes to appease the population.

He pointed out that work is being done with citizen networks with cell phone software to put areas of security in colonies in different areas where they have detected a greater number of problem areas.   

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